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Pieter Goos - Du Grand & Nouveau MIROIR ou Flambeau de la Mer Contenent ... de la Mediterranée. . . Amsterdam, 1669

Pieter Goos - (Troisiéme Partie) Du Grand & Nouveau MIROIR ou Flambeau de la Mer Contenent la description de toutes les côtes marines de la Mer Mediterranée. . . Amsterdam, 1669.
Folio (460 by 290mm), title, 24 double-page engraved charts, and one full page chart, rebound in another contemp. gilted vellum binding, somewhat oversized.

The third book of Goos’ "Flambeau de la Mer" (‘Zeespiegel’), dealing with the Mediterranean navigation. This sea atlas was first published by Goos with Dutch text in 1662 and, in that same year, with a different title page as part III of the ‘Zee-Spieghel’. The charts in the work were newly engraved by Goos, however the text was borrowed from Jacobsz’ ‘Straets-boeck’ of 1648. The French text was translated by Paul Yvounet. In the contents the author explains the differences between the handling of the compass by the Dutch and Italians, and that the information in this work is adapted to Dutch use. He also explains why the charts have no degrees of latitude, as well as the use of the backstaff.
The general charts of the Mediterranean have in red ink grids refering to the area covered by each separate chart in the atlas.
Extremely rare. Koeman lists only three other example (Basel, Landesbibliothek Bern, and in a private collection in France; and one example bound up with Goos' Miroir de la Mer dated 1671, the Amsterdam Maritime Museum.

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