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Paulus Swaen Internet map auction (since 1978)

Placing bids - My Bid Page - Control Panel - Garantuee - Condition - Colouring - Starting bid - Reserve price - No Reserve - Byers commission - Auction Watch - Auction closing - Invoices - Shipping - Consignments

Bidding at auction
In order to place bids you must register with us. It is free, and we automatically update you about future auctions.
Registered users have also free access to past action results.
We provide professional descriptions and condition report (based on 35 years experience in the map business) and each item has a High Resolution image.

During auction period you can bid on 1200 - 2000 antique maps, town views, prints, atlases, Medieval manuscripts.
We show the minimum bid, high/low estimates, time left before the auction closes, and the Nick Name of the high bidder. The reserve price is disclosed on My Bidpage in the last 24 hours of the auction.
The highest received bid at auction closing wins!.

Items are found in the catalogue and Bids are placed on the item page or from My Bid page My account.
You may place a bid by entering any amount equal or higher than the starting bid or the minimum bid indicated on the bid page.
You may place a new bid at the suggested minimum bid increment, or any higher amount in which case the Proxy Bid function will raise your bids with the minimum increase necessary to win the bidding (up to your maximum bid).
If there has been a bid in the last 5 minutes before the closing, that individual item will remain open, until there have been no bids received for 5 minutes. more Help/FAQ help
Your invoice will be available 12 hours after the closing.
We charge a 15% buyers commission.

Bidding & Proxy bids
You may place a bid by entering any amount equal or higher than the starting bid, the minimum bid indicated on the bid page, or the maximum amount you are willing to pay.
At Paulus Swaen we use proxy bidding throughout: Maximum bid and proxy bid are the same thing. To place a proxy bid, just enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. After submitting your maximum bid, our proxy software will raise your bids with the minimum increase necessary to win the bidding (up to your maximum bid).
Using proxy bidding you can win the item at the lowest possible price and you do not have to follow the bidding manually.
Your maximum bid is only placed when a competing bidder bids the same or higher amount.
Note: Your proxy bid amount can jump above the next bid increment if another bidder has placed a higher auto bid.
Or secondly, your bid will be entered at the lowest price for which the consignor is willing to sell the item. (the reserve price)
If you have already placed a bid, and you place afterwards a higher (proxy) bid; your initial bid will not be raised.
Read more about proxy bidding. help

Closing for the September 9 - 16 auction is September 16th at 6.00 PM EST
New York - 6.00 PM, Tuesday.
Los Angeles - 3.00 PM, Tuesday.
London - 23.00 Tuesday.
Paris - 24.00 Tuesday.
Moscow - 2.00 AM, September 17th.
Tokyo - 7.00 AM, Wednesday.
Sydney - 8.00 AM, Wednesday.
more time zones"

When no auction is active we offer items available for immediate sale in our BuyNow Gallery. (more)

My Bid PageMy bid page
You are able to see your placed bids on one convenient page! Items on which you have placed a bid are automatically added to your "My Bid Page / Auction Watch". By default you are notified by email when you are outbid or someone else places a bid on this item. You can des-activate this email service here!
You can also ad items you want to watch even without placing a bid.
A seller is able to adjust a reserve up to 24 hours before the closing. Reserve amounts are disclosed on My Bid Page / Auction Watch in the last 24 hours.

My Control Panel
In My Control Panel you find all you need when you are serious in buying in our auction.
- Here you will find a link to your invoices.
- Here you may check out and update your personal details or shipping address.
- (Des -) Activate News letter our outbid email notifications.

Certificate of authenticity
We fully guarantee the authenticity of items we sell. We provide certificates of authenticity for each purchased item. Any lot differing from the catalog description in such way that it affects the value of the item, may be returned within one week of receipt, for a full refund of the purchase price. There is no time limitation to this guarantee. Certificates are found in the My Invoice center.

Condition rating

Each item we offer for sale is in good condition, although some have the usual minor imperfections of early material. Individual flaws are noted.
If we do not mention tears, folds, discolouration,; this means there are NONE.
We use the following key to condition.

If not otherwise stated: Colours have been applied by hand. We determinate for each item the time when the colours are applied.
We use the following key to colouring.

Starting bid
The "starting bid" is the amount at which we are starting to accept bids, typically this is under the reserve price.

Reserve price
This is the price for which the seller is willing, and obligated to sell the item. As a general rule a reserve price is set at 20% under the low estimate. If your bid happens to be lower than the "reserve price", the text message (*Reserve not yet met) will be shown. You have to raise your bid until the "reserve price" is met.
Up until 24 hours before the close of the auction our consignors have the option of lowering their reserve, but the new reserve price can not match a Under Reserve Bid.
During the last 24 hours the Reserve Price can no longer be adjusted and the Reserve will be disclosed on your Personal Bid Page /Auction Watch.
If during the last 24 hours before the closing of the auction you still have under-reserve bids you have to raise your bid to win this item or the item remains unsold.
Unsold lots are no longer available after the auction is closed.

Look here to see your local closing time.

Items sold without reserve ! No Reserve Item
Some consignors are selling their items without reserve !
In this case a message "This item is sold without reserve" is shown.
We usually start with one dollar, and the item sells for the starting bid or any amount at the close of the auction.

We do indicate an high/low estimate usually the range in which we think the item will sell in our auction or is offered for sale at leading Galleries. Please note that these are only indications. As a general rule the reserve is 20% under the low estimate.

Buyers commission
The buyer pays, on top of the hammer price, a premium of 15% on the first $30,000 and 10% on the excess.

Florida Sales Tax
Buyers from within the State of Florida pay a 7% sales tax on the hammer price plus buyer's premium and shipping cost.

Auction Watch Watch maps
Try it ! Auction Watch keeps an eye on items offered in the auction pertaining to your keywords.

Auction Closing
Beginning at 5 minutes before the closing the computer will check each item at 5 minutes intervals. If there has been no bidding activity for the last 5 minutes the computer will close the bidding on that item exactly at 6PM.
If there has been a bid in the past 5 minutes, that individual item will remain open, until there have been no bids received for 5 minutes.
A countdown clock is displayed at each item page and shows the remaining bid time left for that item. colour
The Email outbid notification and Zoomify Image function are disabled during the last 2 hours before the closing.
Look here to see your local closing time.

Invoices invoice
An invoice is available in Your Invoice center within 12 hours after the auction close and is send by email. The invoice contains links to the different payment options and from here you can print the certificates.
You may print a copy of the invoice anytime after approval. We do not include a copy of the invoice with shipments.

We accept payments by Visa / Mastercard, GoogleCheckout, Check, Wire and Paypal. For security reasons we do not keep credit card numbers on file or store them in any manner. To make payment by credit card you provide the information at the time of getting the authorization at a secure page. If you do not want to provide your credit card information on our secure server, please telephone us with this information.
For amount larger than $ 5,000 we only accept bank wire or US$ checks.

Zoomable images
Paulus Swaen was one of the first auction houses using high resolution zoomable images. Our images are still one of highest used in the auction industry.
Click on an image or the icon and you are able to zoom into the image.
The zoom function of a small number of images needs installation of Flash Player. Click to see if you have the latest version installed.

Yahoo! Widgets
With you stay always up-to-date!
After being the first introducing zoom-able high resolution scans of our maps, we are still one of the few auction sites who have auto refresh of the bidpages, so no need to push your reload button constantly !
Now we are again one step ahead with the use of "Yahoo widgets";
Stay up-to-date with live updates of the latest bids received delivered right at your desktop.
Get Yahoo ! 4 Widgets for windows and after this download the Last bids widget. (more).

Shipping fee
A flat shipping fee of $30.00 is added to each shipment. This covers :
International Priority shipping, Packing and Insurance (up to the invoice amount). If you have won 2 or more items, we charge only one time shipping fee.

Shortly before shipment we will email you a shipping notification with an internal tracking number. Check carefully the shipping address ! Please update your ship to address here and Contact us immediately about your update.

Auction shipments are usually shipped 7-10 days after the closing of the auction by "International Registered Priority mail". It might takes, depending on country you residence, usually 7-10 days to arrive.

At the time of shipment you will receive an email with the ship date, method of shipping.
Step 1 : Click here to view your Bidding Status
Step 2 : Verify your shipping details and preferences.
Step 3 : Check your Invoice page. You may pay by Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, wire, check. The links are provided in the invoice> !
Step 4 : Once you have have paid, your items will be shipped within a 5-10 business days. At the time of shipment you will receive an email with the ship date and method of shipping.

Do You Have Quality Antique Maps in Your Collection? : Not sure who to sell to and where to go to get the best price?
Among our visitors are collectors, museums, and dealers around the world who are constantly looking for fine quality merchandise.
We will gladly consider any map or atlas for consignment to a future sale.

Paulus Swaen specializes in old maps, atlases and globes from the 16th - 19th century.
The firm was founded in 1978 and in 1996 a internet auction division was added. more

In 2014 auctions are planned for :
- September 9 - 16
- November 18 - 25
(consignments accepted until 2 weeks before auction start)

Do you need Help !
We are happy to answer questions by email or give us a call + 1 (209) 671 3348

Paulus Swaen, Inc.
Pierre W.A. Joppen
POB 1238, Indian Rocks, FL 33785, USA
email :
tel. +1 (727) 498 4733 / + 1 (209) 671 3348