DILLON, A.,  Plano de la Hacienda de Juana de Oro., antique map, old maps DILLON, A. - Plano de la Hacienda de Juana de Oro.
Guayaquil ( Equateur), 1868, In original body colours.. 658x940mm. Two sheet lithographed map with original hand colouring. Each sheet 658 x 940mm.
Wall-map sized map in 2 sheets, if joined 940 x 1300mm., showing the Hacienda (farm) of Juana de Oro in Ecuador. The cocoa farm was owned by Mrs. Leonor Carbo of Higgins and Virginia Carbo of Icaza.

Cocoa plantations are depicted on the map by a multitude of shrubs. This plan provides i...
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