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Publisher: CURTIS, Nathan Cortlandt.
Title: The Creole City of New Orleans.
Published in: New Orleans, 1930
Size: 27.0 x 19.9 inches.
68.5 x 50.5 cm.

Condition: In very good condition. Some map creasing to one border. Nice impression, decent margins.
Condition Rating

A large, decorative poster extolling the virtues of the all American city of New Orleans. It extends from Lake Pontchartrain and Spanish Fort, southwards, passing the Bayous of St. Jean and Metarie, the Custom House to Le Vieux Carre de la Ville (the French Quarter) and on to the Mississippi River.
A pictorial map in black and white with a decorative border, including coats of arms, buildings, landmarks, streets, roads, canals, seaports, plus historical notes and text.
With a decorative title cartouche, dividers and a compass rose. Within the title reads: The Creole City of New Orleans, founded by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville in 1718. Surveyed and Planned by Sieur Le Blond de la Tour in 1720…a Composite view showing the Original City & surrounding Municipalities. To which are added some monuments of a later date.
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