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Publisher: CLUVERIUS, P.
Title: Introductio in universam geographiam tam veterem, quám novam... et tabulis geographicis aucta studio & operâ Johannis Bunonis. . .
Published: Amsterdam, 1676

Size: 8.3 x 6.5 inches.
21.0 x 16.5 cm.
Colouring: Coloured.
Condition:  Contemp. Vellum. Large 4to. Extra engraved title, (18), 412 (i.e. 400), (86, 2 blanks), (2)-35 pp. (irregular pagination). 5 tables, 50 folding engraved maps, some coloured (all, about 20 partly damp stained, 1 with repaired tear in margin, some minor spots in margins, text also partly with damp stains, mostly in upper part, more on pp. 220-30, partly with faint damp stains in margins).
Contemporary vellum, slightly worn, covers with some soiling and spotting, crack in inner front hinge, spine with handwritten title, partly rubbed out, speckled edges.

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Engraved title with minor ink dash, title with former owner's signatures Joannes Steuchig, (could be the Swedish archbishop Johannes Steuchius (1676-1742). D. Hildebrand 1772, first free endpaper with notes dated 1724, small part in upper margin cut off (old signature). Crack in inner front hinge, spine with handwritten title, partly rubbed out, speckled edges.

Latin text by the German geographer Philipp Cluver (1580-1622) who was born in the Polish city of Gdansk (Danzig). He was librarian at the University of Leiden and spent much of his life advancing the science of geography. An extensive traveler he traveled to England, Scotland and France by foot. The Introductio which became a standard geographical textbook was published numerous times between 1624 and 1729 with each successive editions becoming more and more elaborate. First published without maps the later editions included a much greater variety and number of maps.
Decorative world map showing California as an island and a rudimentary form of Australia. The figures in each corner symbolize the four continents.
Beside maps of the ancient times, this edition includes many modern mps, mostly engraved by Petrus Kaerius. The map of the Americas with California as an island with flat northern coast. (McLaughlin, California, 60).

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Item category: Atlases

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Item category: Atlases

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