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Publisher: DAUDET
Title: L'Amerique divisée en ses principalesparties. . .
Published: Lyon, 1752

Size: 30.1 x 38.8 inches.
76.5 x 98.5 cm.
Colouring: Uncoloured.
Condition:  Some original outline color, contemp. laid down on linen. Map need restoration. Wide margins.
 Condition Rating

RARE WALL MAP OF THE AMERICAS WITH DECORATIVE BORDERS. This wall map by Daudet is first described by Mcguirk, in his work about the "Mer de l'Ouest Mythe, see "Mer de L'Ouest" or "Sea of the West". Dated 1752, but according to Mcguirk published around 1755 and signed A Lyon Chez Daudet Rue Merciere
Daudet was a French map seller based in Lyon who was known for his connection to Parisian engineer and geographer Gaspard Bailleul and to his son Nicolas Bailleul.
Daudet is known to have made a smaller map of Africa for Gaspard in 1752 (see Norwich, p. 150), but there is no record of the wall map.
This "carte à figures" map is beautifully engraved with stunning decorative borders. There are thirty border panels depicting historical scenes in great detail. The vignettes showing the settlement of the New World and include scenes, of the conquest of Peru, and the discovery of the Mississippi River.
There is extensive descriptive text beneath each vignette.

Reference: Mcguirk, Mer de l'Ouest, 16..

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Item category: America

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Item category: America

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