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Tips on how to describe your items.

QUICK LINKS : Images of your items - How to FTP images to our server. / Dropbox - Seller's commission - Second Image - Reserve price - Relisting Unsold items
Tips on how to photograph your items - Improving your descriptions and sales - Add item to the auction

Adding and managing your current and past auction items can be done in the consignor centerConsignor center
In order to Add items you choose the link "Click here to ADD an item to the auction. ".
Successfully submitted items are visible in the Pending auctions list.
Once an auction has started you will find your auction items and received bids in View your received bids !



You can set a reserve price for your item, which is the minimum price at which you want to sell the item.
You may change a reserve price at any time until 24 hours before the close of the auction.
Please contact us if you need advise about the height of the reserve price.
If you decide to lower a reserve price, you need to do so 24 hours before the auction close. When you update a reserve price all watchers and bidders are automatically notified by email about this reserve price change. We think this is an powerful tool to get bidders motivated to review their bid !


You can sell your items without a reserve price and the item starts at $1. In this case, a message "This item is sold without reserve" is shown on the item page.
All No reserve items are also listed on "No Reserve items " page. This is our most frequently visited page !
Put a 1 in the fields for "reserve" and "starting" prices.
For the Low and High Estimates you use prices for which such items usually sell in auction. We than start with one dollar, and the item sells for any amount at the close of the auction.

If an item was unsold, you can simply relist the item in a future auction. In order keeping our auctions interesting for our bidders we allow re-listing only for those items which are not offered in the previous two auctions.
Your unsold items can be found in your Consignor's Panel by clicking on "Unsold Items you want to relist".
Those items with a relist-check box are eligible for relisting.
You can also make changes to the re-listed items. You might want to lower the reserve price for a particular item, hoping to better entice a user to purchase the item.
You can re-list items by selecting them in the tickbox and than clicking on "Process selected items" in the bottom of each page.
You process per page. After this is done, you will see you items in Pending Auction List, and here you are able to change info by clicking on the Edit auction on the right hand side. You may change starting, Reserve, Low and High Estimates, or sell the item as No Reserve Item.


For each sold item we charge a 15% commission on the hammer price.
A reduced rate of 12% commission is charged when you add your item descriptions and images using the online submittion form.

The minimum fee for a sold item is $15. 
If an item does not sell there are no costs involved. Read our conditions for selling in our auctions.


Please contact us if you have questions.




IMAGES : We need images at a minimum of 2,500 pixels wide. Shoot your images in the highest camera resolution sensitivity (down to ISO 100) and place your camera on a tripod and use the shutter timer to eliminate excess motion. Save your jpg-image WITHOUT compression.

We can not emphasise enough the importance of good images! Better images do result in higher bids. An investment in a good High Resolution camera can pay you back quickly.
We recommend the Samsung NX 300, which is one of the best camera's available and, surely less expensive than the Hasselblad we use !
You might want to check out our recommandations about how to improve your images with some photographing tips.

If you are looking for a good and free photo-editing program; we would suggest GIMP or the commercial software Photoshop by Adobe.
If crop your photos, please show at least 1cm of a margin, or even better full margins. As a general rule we crop outside a Medieval manuscript page leaf and show both sides!

If you FTP images the name of the image should correspond with the assigned lot number. We accept pictures in jpg and tif format. 


Second image.

In order having a second image displayed (like the verso of a map or Medieval manuscript), you have to send us an image of the verso.

Once we have assigned the lot number to your auction item, you have to send us this additional image. If the lot number is 12345 than the second image is called  12345A.jpg

You may add as many additional pictures as you like. Add for each additional image the below iamge-code and change the lotnumber for 12345B.jpg, 12345C.jpg, etc.
In order having the second image shown up you need to add a code in the description field.

There are several ways of sending these extra images to us.
1./ Send all additional images combined in one email.
2./ by FTP.
3./ Send images by
4./ Create a dropbox account.
In order having the image show up you have to add a image-code in your item description field:

Adding the Item-Code.
Visit the pending auction list and click on the Edit icon Edit auction for the lot you want to add the code.
Here is the code you have to add:

<br /><br /><a href=""><img src="os/thumbs/12345A.jpg" border="0" width="100" align="left" />

Once the auction has started, you will find your active items in Your auction List, you can add the Code by clicking on the Edit Icon and than ad the Code in the description field.
Do not forget to hit the Submit button and, then once more the submit button on the Confirmation page.
Please note that once a bid has been received, you are no longer able to update a description and you have to contact us.
IMPORTANT : Do not upload additional images with the submit form but send them by email, FTP, or add them to a account. Send all additional images, properly named in one email or batch transfer.

Formatting your text
makes your descriptions more easy readable.

If you want to show your descriptions showing "new lines", italic or bold you need to put "html-hardcoding" in.

Use <br /> for "new line".

Use <i>italic</i> for a word in italic.

Use <b>bold</b> for a word in bold.




If you submit a larger number of items, it might be more convenient to upload your images directly to our server. This can be done by FTP. Please contact us for the log on details.
Open on your local system a FTP program and Log onto our FTP server with the username and the password we have supplied you by email.

Than open the folder displaying your Username (which is the same as used for logon to the site.
Than transfer the images from your local system to our server.

Several good and free FTP programs do exist. You may try:

Core FTP  

FireFTP - a Add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
Dropbox is a convenient way of uploading images,once they, the images have a assigned lot number.
Simply add items to you local dropbox and our image team will automatically be informed and uploading the images for you
WeTransfer is a convenient way of sending us a batch of additional images you want to have uploaded to our site.































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Author: Paulus Swaen 2017