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How to download our images to your computer

Registered users may download our 30,000 + high resolutions, free of charge. Rather than charging for images we think they should be freely available for study and pleasure of those interested in antique maps, prints and posters.

You are welcome to use images of maps and prints that Paulus Swaen, Inc believes to be in the public domain, or those to which Paulus Swaen Inc. waives any copyright it might have, for noncommercial, scholars research and educational use, free of charge and without requiring permission from Paulus Swaen.

To request images for commercial use and publication, please use the following form to contact us. For most images we can deliver, free of charge, High Resolution images in TIF format.

How to download and save images on your computer.
The download button is located in the bottom of the image page. Only registered users can download the High Resolution Image and it requires the user to be logged in. Not registered yet ! Register your free account today.

When a user is NOT logged in - he is invited to login or to register using a hyperlink in the lower part of the image page.

When the user is logged in a download button is automatically shown at the bottom of the image page.
Click on it and the image will be uploaded to your computer after which you are able to save or open the (jpg) image on your computer.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Downloading this image to your computer is supported by Firefox and Chrome, however, at this time it is not supported by Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.

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