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Consigning items using the MS Access Off-Line data base

instructions for CSV or excel files.


If you have Microsoft Access 2000 installed on your PC computer, you might considering using our "Map and clients database". This program enables you to manage your stock and clients database and ensures convient upload of your auction items.


More likely you have your stock allready stored in a database program, who enables you to export data in a CSV file or Excel file.

If this is the case go to our special section CSV or excel files.


1./ Create an account with us and notify us by email, we will than place the software on our server for download.


2./ Go with an FTP program to your FTP folder at and login with username and the password we have supplied you by email.

Than open the folder displaying your Username, which is the same as used for the site.
It is important to open YOUR OWN folder. Use this folder also for future upload of pictures, do not put pictures or files in the root-folders!


3./ Upload the folder desktop to your local folder c:\windows\ This creates the folder "c:\windows\desktop\"  including 3 files "swaencom_maps.mdb", "swaencom.mdb" and "lrgimg"


I might be a good idea to make a short cut on your desktop to the folder "c:/windows/desktop/"

Also create a shortcut on your desktop to "c:\windows\desktop\swaencom.mdb" and than open the program.

Select your name name from the dropdown menu.
The password is "gold". Than hit the enter button.


This opens a screen showing the following buttons:

1/ ITEM DESCRIPTION : Here you have to enter your descriptions.

2./ LIST OF ITEMS IN AUCTION (Showing a list of items you have selected to include in the next auction)

3. MORE AUCTION FUNCTIONS (A group of reports showing what is in the database)


Click on the upper button "Item description", the first item show with lot nr. 00001 is a sample.

Click on button "New File" to create your first item description. 



Status "A" - Items to be included in the next auction should have availability "A" and should be marked for "Upload". Once an item has been uploaded change its availability to "N". 

Status "N" - Item has already be uploaded.

Status "Y" When you ad an item for future inclusion, use an "Y" for availability. 


Starting price : The price at which we are starting to accept bids. Typically 30% under the reserve price.

Reserve price: The minimum price at which you want to sell the item.

Low Estimate : 120% of the reserve price

High Estimate : An estimate for which the item usually sells in auction or with dealers.


PLACE & DATE : The date should always end in 4 numbers (ie.: 1860) do not say "early 18th century", but say "1720-1740"; as the year is used to chronologically list the items in it's category.

COLOURING : Select an option from the dropdown menu.

CONDITION : Give a description of all faults. You may choose from and edit from the dropdown menu.

CONDITION RATING : Select an option from the dropdown menu. Rating "1" is mint condition, and item should be in original colours, if coloured. "2" Very good.  "3" Good. (by default) "4" Standard. "5" Need restoration. "6" Sold as is.

REFERENCE : List a reference book in which the item is mentioned. Many reference books are already listed in drop down menu.

REGION : Select an region or subject from the dropdown menu.


IMAGES : We need images at a minimum of 2000 pixels wide. We DO NOT ACCEPT images smaller than this, as a result the item will be suspended from the auction.

Put in the folder "c:/windows/desktop/lrgimg/" your images, the name of the image should correspond with the lot number. We accept pictures in jpg and tif format. In the database you are able to see if an image exists.


Formatting your text

If you want to show your descriptions in bold, italic or in paragraphs you need to "html hardcode" them directly.

Use <br> for "new line"

Use <i>italic</i> for a word in italic.

Use <b>bold</b> for a word in bold.


Second image

In order having a second image displayed, name it the lotnumber followed by an A 

Use the following coding at the end in your item description field . If your lot number is 12345A use 

<a href=zoom_map.htm?zoomifyImagePath=>
<IMG SRC="" BORDER="0" width="80" align="left" /></A>


Several good and free FTP programs do exist. You may try : 

Smart FTP  

FilleZilla for FireFox.




We charge a 12% commission on the hammer price for sold items if you submit your items in a csv-file and you upload images directly on the server.

Extra costs aply if we need to do extensive image or text corrections.

The minimum fee for a sold item is $ 15. 

If an item does not sell there are no costs involved.


30 days after the auction we send a check in US $. A wire can be made at the nominal wiring fee of $ 50.



Please contact us if you have questions

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