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TACHARD, G / Abbé DE CHOISY, F.T.,  Voyage de Siam des pères jesuites envoyés par le roy, aux Indes & à la Chine., antique map, old maps TACHARD, G / Abbé DE CHOISY, F.T. - Voyage de Siam des pères jesuites envoyés par le roy, aux Indes & à la Chine.
Amsterdam, P.Mortier, 1688, Uncoloured.. 160x100mm. Contemp. vellum, with manuscript title on spine. Engraved frontispiece, title, 4pp dedication 317pp.11pp. index and 30 maps and illustrations. French text.
Re-bound and blanc beginning and end papers renewed. Inside a nice and clean copy.
Third edition. Covers the voyage from Brest to Siam, and the ports of stop in between. The majority of the work is on Siam, but an interesting portion also on Batavia and other areas. The meeting with the King of Siam, visits to Cochichine and to Tunquin, observations on the area flora & fauna, lett... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 1,200
Approx. Euro 1,068  

Condition Rating: 4
VALENTIJN, F.,  Siamsche Rochevellen., antique map, old maps VALENTIJN, F. - Siamsche Rochevellen.
Amsterdam, 1726, Uncoloured.. 275x175mm. In very good condition.
Engraving of drying sting ray skins on the beach, with below a lettered key A-M.
François Valentijn (1666-1727), a missionary, worked at Amboina from 1684 to 1694 and 1705 to 1713 and travelled extensively in the VOC's lands. He is best known for his monumental history and description, ''Oud en...
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Item sold!
Condition Rating: 2
JYLBERT,  LAOS Région Nord., antique map, old maps JYLBERT - LAOS Région Nord.
France, 1943, Printed colours with pochoir.. 345x242mm. Colour lithography with pochoir (stencil) print in vivid colours.
Very decorative, informative map of the northern region of Laos. With a compass rose in upper left corner, the map is filled with buildings, animals, figures and two locals in their typical dress.
In lower left corner "Imprimé en France" with a monogram of the publisher "BD".
The map carr...
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$ 150
Approx. Euro 134  

Condition Rating: 2