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Persia / Armenia / Iran / Irak
ORTELIUS, A.,  Persici sive Sophorum Regni Typus., antique map, old maps ORTELIUS, A. - Persici sive Sophorum Regni Typus.
Antwerp, 1587, In attractive original colours.. 350x491mm. Mint condition. French text on verso. According to Marcel van den Broecke published in 1587.
The map includes Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caspian Sea and the north eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula including United Arab Emirates and Oman.
Milestone map of the region....
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$ 900
Approx. Euro 801  

Condition Rating: 1
GAGARIN, G.,  Le Patriarche d'Etchméadzine (Arménie)., antique map, old maps GAGARIN, G. - Le Patriarche d'Etchméadzine (Arménie).
Paris, A.Hauser, ca. 1846, In original colours.. 340x241mm. Hand coloured lithographed plate, heightened with gum Arabic. Paper browned. Else in good condition.
A very decorative print of the Patriarch of Etchmeadzine in Armenia by Prince Gagarine. Good detail of the costume.
Etchmiadzin is the spiritual center of Armenia and the seat of the Catholicos of all Armenians, the head of the Holy Armenian Apostolic Church.
Lithograph after Prince Grig...
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$ 400
Approx. Euro 356  

Condition Rating: 4