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Prints depicting Instruments
CHIQUET, J.,  Globe Terrestre. / Globe Celeste., antique map, old maps CHIQUET, J. - Globe Terrestre. / Globe Celeste.
Paris, 1719, Coloured.. 158x213mm. Good condition.
A very decorative depiction of a terrestrial and celestial globe on a decorative base. The page is filled with seven diagrams.... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
($ 120 - 175)

Starting bid
$ 95
Condition Rating: 3
SEUTTER, M., Sphaerae ArtificialesSynoptica Idea delineatae et propositae., antique map, old maps SEUTTER, M. - Sphaerae ArtificialesSynoptica Idea delineatae et propositae.
Augsburg, 1730, Original colouring.. 495x575mm. Different repairs, with reconstruction of loss printed areas, cut to the margins, with different imperfections.
This spectacular copper engraving shows a pair of terrestrial and celestial globes, and a Ptolemaic armillary sphere, on Baroque stands.
The terrestrial globe depicts in a simplified form Asia, Europe and Africa. The celestial depicts globe various constellations according to Greek mythology. <...
(Click on title or image to go to item page)
($ 600 - 700)

Starting bid
$ 390
Condition Rating: 5
BARBIELLINI, C.A.,  Sphere (No title), antique map, old maps BARBIELLINI, C.A. - Sphere (No title)
Milan, 1807, Coloured.. 120x90mm. Good and dark impression.
Rare Italian print of a sphere. Paper size 350x225mm. From his "Atlante della geografia antica e moderna".... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
($ 100 - 120)

Starting bid
$ 50
Condition Rating: 2