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Prints depicting instruments
DAUMIER, H.,  [Macaire] Pensionnat Robert-Macaire. Mr le professeur. . . (Plate 4), antique map, old maps DAUMIER, H. - [Macaire] Pensionnat Robert-Macaire. Mr le professeur. . . (Plate 4)
Paris, 1864, Uncoloured.. 245x225mm. Litho printed on white wove paper without text on the verso.
Macaire personified the clever business man, who was willing at any time to throw moral and ethical principles overboard for a quick buck. His personality fitted exactly to the period so well described by Alexis de Tocqueville: self-enrichment at all levels and a Government run on shareholders princ... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 250
Approx. Euro 223  

Condition Rating: 2
Sand/Hour glasses
The Low Countries,  A half hour sand-glass., antique map, old maps The Low Countries - A half hour sand-glass.
ca. 1790, -. 195x110mm. In metal frame with five pillars with hexagonal decorated top and base and two glass ampoules joined by was and tread.
The element common to celestial position-finding, the calculation of speed for dead reckoning and even everyday life at sea is the time: hence ways of determining and keeping the time have been one of the major pre-occupations of seamen since the very beginning of scientific navigation. Counting the... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
$ 1,750
Approx. Euro 1,558  

Condition Rating: 4