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MEISNER, D.,  Lovenstein. [Loevestein], antique map, old maps MEISNER, D. - Lovenstein. [Loevestein]
Frankfurt, 1624, Uncoloured.. 100x145mm. A good and dark impression. Paper has been washed. Very good.
View of the castle Loevestein, near Gorinchem.. On the sky, three hands holding a quill, a stone and a stick are depicted. With a verse in two languages underneath the picture.
The poet Daniel Meisner from Komotau started his Thesaurus Philo-Politicus. Das ist Politisches Schatzkästlein guter ...
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$ 60
Approx. Euro 52  

Condition Rating: 3
VAUGONDY, R. de,  VI. Partie du Duche de Gueldre oł se trouve la Veluwe., antique map, old maps VAUGONDY, R. de - VI. Partie du Duche de Gueldre oł se trouve la Veluwe.
Paris, later than 1748, In original o/l colours.. 158x180mm. Very crisp and fine image. Good margins. Very good condition.
Attractive small map covering the northwestern part of Gelderland. In the center "'t Loo". From Atlas Portatif Universel, by Robert de Vaugondy.
Unrecorded state with erased date. Page 19f outside border top right. Mary Sponberg Pedley does not mention a state without date....
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$ 120
Approx. Euro 103  

Condition Rating: 2
Gelderland cities
GUICCIARDINI, L.,  Hic est situs oppidi Grauiae.. (Grave), antique map, old maps GUICCIARDINI, L. - Hic est situs oppidi Grauiae.. (Grave)
Amsterdam, 1608, Coloured.. 246x338mm. Good impression.
Showing the siege of Grave in the year 1602. From the first Dutch translation of Guicciardini's description of the Netherlands.... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
Item sold!
Condition Rating: 2