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BLAEU, W.,  Lutzenburg Ducatus., antique map, old maps BLAEU, W. - Lutzenburg Ducatus.
Amsterdam, 1645, In attractive strong original colours.. 380x500mm. In mint condition. Dark impression, printed on heavy paper. Latin text on verso.
Staéndard map of Luxemburg.

More about maps by Willem Blaeu. [+]...
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($ 240 - 300)

Starting bid
$ 200
Condition Rating: 1
DANCKERTS, J.,  Ducatus Lutzenburgi Nova et Accurataa Tabula.., antique map, old maps DANCKERTS, J. - Ducatus Lutzenburgi Nova et Accurataa Tabula..
Amsterdam, 1700, In attractive original colours.. 502x575mm. A good and dark impression. Very fine. Printed on heavy paper.
Rare issue of Justus Danckert's attractive map of Luxembourg.
Decorative title cartouche lower left hand corner.
SEE a large description of the Danckerts family on our page about Mapmakers....
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($ 550 - 750)

Starting bid
$ 400
Condition Rating: 2
Luxembourg cities
BRAUN & HOGENBERG., Lutzenburgum Ducatus Eiusdem Nominus. . ., antique map, old maps BRAUN & HOGENBERG. - Lutzenburgum Ducatus Eiusdem Nominus. . .
Cologne, 1572, In original colouring.. 350x420mm. In good condition with several repairs due to splits caused by vertigris problems.
A lovely birds-eye view of Luxemburg with detail even of single buildings. Translated “Luxembourg, old capital of the duchy of the same name, it was once noteworthy on account of a fortress, a Benedictine monastery and a funerary chapel of the dukes". This is a view of the town of Luxemburg from th... (Click on title or image to go to item page)
($ 1,000 - 1,200)

This item has no reserve price.
Bid received
$ 80
Condition Rating: 4