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JANSSONIUS, J.,  Hellas Seu Graecia Universa Autore J. Laurenbergio., antique map, old maps JANSSONIUS, J. - Hellas Seu Graecia Universa Autore J. Laurenbergio.
Amsterdam, ca.1652, In attractive strong original colours.. 468x560mm. Good margins, dark impression, with slight creasing to central. Very slight marginal paper discolouration due to previous framing. Very good condition.
A decorative detailed map of Greece and the western part of Turkey and Macedonia. Lavishly coloured and hightened with gold by the master colourist Dirk Jansz. van Santen..

The colouring is attributed to the 17th century ...
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$ 1,150
Approx. Euro 989  

Condition Rating: 2
Greece Islands
CORONELLI, V.M.,  Peloponneso, hoggidi Morea,. . ., antique map, old maps CORONELLI, V.M. - Peloponneso, hoggidi Morea,. . .
Venice, ca. 1696, Uncoloured.. 454x600mm. Very good condition. A few marginal small brown spots on recto and verso of map. Some discolouration along center fold due to binders slip.
A beautiful and flamboyantly engraved large-scale map of Morea, who was in 1683 invaded by the Venetians. The map carries a dedication to Marcello Sacchetti, ambassador from the Knights Hospitallers to Pope Innocent XI.
On verso Italian letter press text and a plan of "Navarino Vecchio, e Nuo...
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$ 600
Approx. Euro 516  

Condition Rating: 4