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HOMANN,J.B. / DOPPELMAYR,J.G. - Globi Coelestis in tabulas planas redacti pars V..

HOMANN,J.B. / DOPPELMAYR,J.G. - Globi Coelestis in tabulas planas redacti pars V..
Globi Coelestis in tabulas planas redacti pars V.. - HOMANN,J.B. / DOPPELMAYR,J.G.
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Title : Globi Coelestis in tabulas planas redacti pars V...
Map maker : HOMANN,J.B. / DOPPELMAYR,J.G..
Date : Nuremberg, 1742.
Size : 19.4 x 23.2 inches. / 49.3 x 59.0 cm.
Colouring : In original colours.

Description :This is the fifth chart in a series of six depicting part of the night sky on a gnomonic projection with 'the fixed stars for the end of the year of Christ 1730 'according to the rules of arithmetic and geometry.
The constellations are shown as figures according to classical mythology and the zodiac as derived from Hevelius. The more recently named constellations are shown as scientific instruments.
The paths of several comets are traced following a pattern established by Pardies.
Specifically this chart is an internal view of the sky centered on the equator above the winter solstice in a gnomonic projection between the declinations 45° North and 45° South.
Also depicted are the paths of the comets C/1577 V1 (observed by Tycho Brahe), 1P/1607 S1 [Halley s Comet] (Johannes Kepler), C/1661 C1 (Johannes Hevelius), C/1680 V1 (John Flamsteed), C/1702 H1 (Philippe de la Hire) and C/1707 W1 (Giovanni Domenico Cassini).
The comet of 1692 (observed by Philippe de la Hire) does not seem to be mentioned in modern cometographies.
Doppelmayr wrote on astronomy, geography, cartography, spherical trigonometry, sundials and mathematical instruments. He often collaborated with the cartographer Johann Baptista Homann (1664-1724), a former Dominican monk from Oberkammlach in Schwabia who in 1688 had settled in Nuremberg and became a map engraver for the publishing firms of Jacob von Sandrart and David Funck. In 1702, Homann founded an influential cartographic publishing firm that after his death was continued by his son Johann Christoph Homann (1703-1730) and after the latter s death by his friend Johann Michael Franz (1700-1761) and his stepsister s husband Johann Georg Ebersberger (1695-1760) under the name Homännische Erben . The publishing firm remained in business under different names until 1848. Celestial map by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr, astronomer and cartographer of Nuremberg. The map has been published by Johann Baptist Homann in the Atlas Coelestis . Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr may be considered one of the most famous scientists of Nuremberg, Germany. He was born in Nuremberg in 1671, studied in Altdorf and Halla and traveled for some time in Germany, the Netherlands and England.
Condition : Paper slightly age-toned. Very minor marginal discolouration. Else very good condition.

ID: 24763

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