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SANSON,N./ MARIETTE,P. - Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME I. & II

SANSON,N./ MARIETTE,P. -  Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME I. & II
Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME I. & II - SANSON,N./ MARIETTE,P.
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Title : Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME I. & II.
Map maker : SANSON,N./ MARIETTE,P..
Date : Paris Pierre Mariette, 1675.
Size : 16.3 x 21.2 inches. / 41.4 x 53.8 cm.
Colouring : In original o/l colours.

Description :The atlas has two printed title pages and two index sheets (the contents of the atlas does not correspond with the contents of the index sheets)
Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME I. A Paris, Chez l?auteur [?] et chez Pierre Mariette, [?] M. DC.LXXV [1675]
Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle ou les empires, monarchies, royaumes? Par les Sr. SANSON Geographes ordinaires de sa Majestè. TOME II. A Paris, Chez l?auteur [?] et chez Pierre Mariette, [?] M. DC.LXXV [1676]

Extra bound-in is an engraved sheet with on booth sides an advertisement of single sheet, double sheet and wall maps maps sold by Jaillot. The sheet is also interesting because it states that he sells ?le Globe Celeste de Coronelly en 26.Fle.? :
Catalogue des Cartes geographiques des Sieus Jaillot Geographes Ordinaires du Roy. [?] Il se trouve encore dans le mesme Fond des Cartes rares de différants Auteurs dont quelq?unes ne se trouvent chez nul autre. [?] a Paris chez Sr. Jaillot Geographe ordinaires du Roy Joignant les Grands Augustins avec Previlege du Roy 1778.
The sheet has contemp. manuscript additions and an updated date.
Sanson is known for his atlas ?Cartes générales de toutes les parties du monde?. Pastoureau mentions only one atlas with our title « Cartes generales de la geographie ancienne et nouvelle » and date 1675, which is in Library of Congres, Philips 486.
Of a second edition with the date 1676 a copy in BNF in Paris and in Nordenskiold, Helsinki are listed.

1./ Harmonie ou Correspondance du Globe.. (1659) California as an island.
2./ Mappemonde ou carte generale.. (1669) California as an island. (cf.Shirley 419)
3./ L?Hydrographie ou description de L?Eau.. (1652) California as an island.
One of the earliest of Sanson's world maps and one of the earliest obtainable maps to show the 5 Great Lakes. The map is based upon Sanson's 1651 map of the world (Shirley #390), but with more prominence given to marine and river features. California is shown as an island. Australia is only partially shown, still marked Beach (after Marco Polo), and there is a faint outline of the southern continent labelled Terre Australe Magellanique & Incogneue. The curious massive land mass which nearly connected Asia and the NW Coast of America is here only shown in a green outline colour.
4./ Planisfere dv globe Celeste. Mariette. [?] Ce Vend?APARIS, Chez P.Mariette Rue St.Jacques a l?Esperance avec privilege du Roy pour 20 Ans.
Rare double hemisphere celestial chart. In top and bottom portraits of Brahe and Houtman, in bottom description in 4 columns.
5./ L?Asie (1669)
6./ Carte des Trois Arabies (1654)
7. Description de l?Empire du Sophi des Perses.. (No date)
8./ L?Inde (1654)
9./ Partie Meridionale de L?Inde .. (1654)
10./ Description de la Tartarie .. (1654)
11./ La Chine Royaume.. (1656)
12./ Royaume du Iapon (No date)
13./ Les Isles Philippines Molucques et de la Sonde.. (1654)
14./ L?Europe (1669)
15./ Les Isles Britannicques , le Royaume d?Angleterre.. (1665)
16./ Royaume de Danmarq .. (1658)
17./ Royaume de Norwege .. (1668)
18./ Estats de la Couronne de Suede.. (1669)
19./ Etats du Czar ou Grand duc de la Russie Blanc.. (No date)
20./ Le Royaume de France .. (1665)
21./ Carte des Rivieres de la France .. (1641)
22./ Gouvernement generale de la Picardie, Artois.. (1651)
23./ Duche et gouvernement de Normandie ( 1667)
24./ Gouvernement generale de L?Isle de France.. (1651)
25./ Champagne et Brie.. (No date, reworked address)
26./ Duche, et gouvernement de Bretagne ( 1650, added Chez l?Autheur)
27./ Gouvernement générale d?Orleans .. (1650)
28./ Les Deux Bourgognes.. (1648)
29./ Gouvernement général du Lyonnois.. (No date)
30./ Gouvernement général de Guienne et Guascogne.. (1650)
31./ Gouvernem.t gén.ral du Languedoc.. (1667)
32./ Le Gouvernement général du Daufiné .. (1667)
33./ Comté et Gouvernement de Provence.. (1667)
34./ La Lorraine .. (1661)
35./ L?Alsace .. (1666)
36./ Sardones.. Comté de Roussillon.. (1660)
37./ Les Provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques .. Flandre.. (1674)
38./ Empire d?Allemagne.. (1665)
39./ Les Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas.. (1672)
40./ Etats de la Couronne de Pologne.. (1663)
41./ L?Espagne.. (1663)
42./ Principauté de Catalogne.. (1660 Chez lAutheur)
43./ L?Italie (1665)
44./ DE ROSSI,G. - Descrittione dello Stato della Chiesa e della Toscana di Michele Antonio Baudrand [?] Per Gio Giacomo Rossi all?insegna di Parigi alla Pace 1669. Con Licentia dé Superiori & Priv. Sum. Pont.
45./ DE ROSSI,G. ? Tavola Esatta dell? antico Latio e Nova Campagna di Roma.. Engraved by Giorgio Widman.
46./ Etats de L?Empire du Grand Seigneure des Turqs ou Sultan des Ottomans en Asie.. (1654)
47./ Tartarie Europeenne ou Petite Tartarie.. (1665)
48./ Afrique.. (1669)
49./ Estats et Royaumes de Fez et Maroc.. (1655)
50./ Partie de la Barbarie ou est le Royaume d?Alger.. (1655)
51./ Partie de la Coste de Barbarie en Afrique.. (1655)
52./ et desert de Barca et L?Egypte .. (1655)53 ./ L?Afrique ou Lybie.. (1655)
54./ Haute Ethiopie.. (1655)
55./ Basse Aethiopie .. (1655)
56./ Isle d?Auphine .. Madagascar, et St.Laurens.. (1667)

57./ Amerique Septentrionale Par N. Sanson Geographe Ordre du Roy. Revuë et changée en plusieurs endroits suivant les Memoires les plus recents, Par G. SANSON Geogr. Ordinaire du Roy. A Paris Chez Pierre Mariette ruë St Iacques à l?Esperãce Avec privilege de sa Maité pour 20-Ans. Paris, 1669.
This map was a replacement for the 1650 one-sheet Sanson. Based on the 4-sheet map Nicolas Sanson had engraved in 1666, the improved version adds elements his son Guillaume was able to incorporate from previous Sanson maps of 1656. The 1669 map differs from the 1650 map in its detail of the Gulf of California and its labeling of oceans. California as an island appears in the Foxe form of 1635.
All fiver Great Lakes are shown, but the western parts are still left blank, as is the entire north-western part of the continent. The large mountain range running across the central part still blocks any possible correct depiction of the Mississippi River. The cartouche has been moved from the top right to the top left, and a interesting vignette of cannibalism has been added. This is a copy of the first state. A second state was issued in 1690. ref: Burden, map #404, McLaughlin, map #45.

58./ Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France.. (1656)
The five Great Lakes are all now shown, though Lakes Ontario ("de St. Louys") and Erie ("Du Chat") still have their alternative names. Lake Superior is shown only at its eastern end, there being still no reliable information about its extent. Lake Michigan is even less well served, for Sanson is able to show only a fragmentary "Lac de Puans," the name which eventually became attached to what is now Green Bay in Wisconsin.
The area round Hudson Bay is well shown, with a wealth of place-names that belied its eventual relative insignificance. Sanson also had reliable information about the English settlement in Virginia, but he was less sure about the line of what he calls the "Apalatcy Montes," or Appalachian Mountains, in the lower left corner. He shows these as running roughly east-west, instead of north-south, and as joining up with what looks like an extension of the Ozarks. Together they form a more or less impenetrable barrier between the Great Lakes area and the Gulf of Mexico, there was as yet no realization that a mighty river drained this whole central area and ran from the borders of Canada right down into the Gulf.
One of the most interesting features of the map is its division of the Delmarva peninsula setting off the Swedish settlements. This is the earliest map seen setting up such a division which later on became so important a boundary question between Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Cf.Burden #318. Kaufman.

59./ Le Nouveau Mexique et la Floride tirées de diverses cartes et relations par N. Sanson d'Abbeville .. (1656).
First state, engraved by Somer. A cornerstone map of California and the Southwest, based on the Blaeu world map of 1648. Cumming, Southeast 49: ?This map ... exerted a profound influence on the delineation of the North American continent for nearly a century.? Day, p. 2. Leighly 27. Lowery 147. Martin & Martin 10: ?[Sanson?s] skills established him as a world leader in map production and earned him the title of Royal Geographer to King Louis XIII ... He and his followers rejected the Dutch tendencies in the use of heavy ornamentation in the drawing of maps, they emphasized only verifiable information ... [The present map] was the first significant map in a printed atlas to specialize in what is now the American Southwest. For many years it served as a prototype for the delineation of California as an island, and contributed a number of new place names in the New Mexico region, a vast area ranging from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Florida territory on the east and Canada on the north. [Locates] a number of new Indian tribes in the New Mexico region... An extraordinary document of the cultural and geographical resources known in the centers of learning in Europe.? Schwartz & Ehrenberg, pp. 111 & 121. Tooley, ?California as an Island? (MCS 8) 14. Wagner, NW Coast 374 & pp. 130-132. Wheat, Transmississippi West 50 & pp. 39-40: ?By far the most interesting and important map--so far as what is now western U.S. is concerned--that had appeared since Enrico Martínez drew his little `sketch? of Oñate?s route to Quivira in 1602.?

60./ Mexicque ou Nouvelle Espagne.. (1656).
Fine example of the first edition of this early map of Central America, Cuba, Southern Florida and Mexico. The map extends from the Gulf of Panama to the Texas Coastline and the Audience De Guadalajara, along with a nice treatment of Southern Florida, including Bahia de Tamap, Bahia De Carlos, B. de Juaon Ponta, Cabo de Canaveral, Punta S. Luzia, Cabo de Florida and other early place names. Excellent early treatment of the Yucatan and Central America.
61./ Les Isles Antilles & c. (1656)

62./ Amerique Meridionale.. (1669)
63./ Terre Ferme ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, St. Marthe, Rio De la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andaluise, Popyan.. (1656)
Important early map of Venezuela and Columbia, showing the course of the Rio de Paria or Yuyapari o Orinaque River, along with Venezuela's Caribbean Coastline and the islands off shore, including Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, Margarita and Trinidad and Tobago. Large decorative cartouche. One of the most up to date and important maps of the region during this period.

64./ Partie de Terre Ferme ou sont Guiane et Caribane.. (1656)
Important early map of the region from the Mouth of the Amazon to Trinidad, extending inland to show the course of the Rio de Paria o de Orenoque and Rio Negro and remarkable mythical Lake Parime. Remarkable detaild for the period. One of the most important atlas maps of the region issued during the period, with significant improvements over earlier maps.
65./ Le Perou et le course de la Rivre Amazone (1656)
Map of the Amazon region, showing the extensive rivers and tributaries which extend to the Andies, along with the rich details of the mountainous regions of Peru, then the most affluent of all of the Early Spanish territories in South America.- Many major cities appear, as do rivers, lakes, mountains, islands and other details. One of the earliest obtainable regional maps of this area.
66./ Le Chili.. (1669)
Rare early map of Chile divided into 13 jurisdictions. One of the most detailed early maps of Chile, replacing the largely decorative maps produced by the Dutch in the 1st part of the 17th Century with a much more scientific and detailed presentation.
67./ Le Bresil.. (1656)
68./ Le Paraguay.. (1668)
Rare map of the region around the Rio de la Plata, which is shown extending north to Lago de los Xarayes. Extends north on the coast to S. Vicente, Conception and Parnaiba, South to C.S. Antonio and Buenos Ayres and west to Chile. One of the most important early large format maps of the region.

69./ Le Terre et les Isles Magellaniques.. (1668)
Scarce early map of the southern tip of South America, from Buenos Ayres to Cape Horn. The Andes are well illustrated, but the eastern interior of Terre Magellanique is barely known, save for a few rivers. The Strait is well depicted, as is the Cape. Attractive large cartouche.

70./ Orbis Vetus.. (1657) California as an island.
71./ Asia Vetus.. (1667)
72./ Africa Vetus.. (1667)
73./ Europa Vetus .. (1668)
74./ Atlantis Insula.. (1669) California as an island.
75./ Romani Imperii qua Occidens.. (1637)
76./ Romani Imperii qua Oriens.. (1637)
77./ Italia Antiqua Cum insulis Sicilia Sardinia & Corsica.. (1641)
78./ Graeciae Antiqua.. (1686)
79./ Palestinae delineation ad geographiae Canones revocata. (1641)
Four maps of the Holy Land on one sheet: Eastern Mediterranean and Near East, a plan of the ancient city of Jerusalem, he wanderings of the Tribes from Egypt, detailed map of the Holy Land oriented to the east
A very scarce and interesting map of the Holy Land engraved by Henri le Roy and published by Pierre Mariette. The map is divided into the twelve tribes and filled with detail. Above the map are three smaller maps: a general map of the region from southern Turkey to the Nile delta, a plan of ancient Jerusalem, and a map of the Exodus.
80./ Expeditionis Alexandri Magni.. (1654)
81./ Carte du Voyage d?Enée. (No date)
82./ FALDA GIOVANNI BATTISTA, Recentis Romae Ichnographia et Hypsographia sive planta et facies. A superb strong impression of this decorative and rare bird's-eye plan view of Rome. Printed on two sheets of paper. With three large cartouches on the upper left, right and mid left. Also series of views of the major buildings of Rome are located at the bottom. Map keys are listed on the lower left and right corners of the map.
In upper left corner cartouche with a dedication to Alessandro VII. The plan is made by Giovanni Battista Falda. An architect, designer and engraver, lived in Rome where he began to work for Rossi (1626- 1691), the most important Italian publisher at the time. Here, Rossi has signed the map ?Jacobus de Rubeis?, as he was also known.

83./ Roma Antiqua Triumphatrix Abantiquis Monumentis et Rerum Gestarum
A historical city plan that details Rome at the height of its power. Extensive list at the sides gives the name and location of 279 historical buildings! The plan is a remarkable bird's-eye view looking across the Tevere River to the main portion of Rome. Filled with illustrations of buildings, coliseums, etc. The large plan is surrounded with text and 20 engraved views of historical events. Here, Rossi has signed the map ?Jacobus de Rubeis?, as he was also known.
Giacomo de Rossi (1627-1691), his brother Domenico and father Giuseppe had four print shops in Rome where they printed and sold updated maps from other publishers. ¤
Condition : Large folio. Brown calf, spine gilted and ribbed. The atlas has two printed title pages and two index sheets (the contents of the atlas does not correspond with the contents of the index sheets).

ID: 23733

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