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KLAPROTH, J. - Tableaux historiques de l'Asie..

KLAPROTH, J. - Tableaux historiques de l'Asie..
Tableaux historiques de l'Asie.. - KLAPROTH, J.
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Title : Tableaux historiques de l'Asie...
Map maker : KLAPROTH, J..
Date : Paris, 1826.
Size : 18.1 x 12.2 inches. / 46.0 x 31.0 cm.
Colouring : In original o/l colours.

Description :This atlas, by Martin Heinrich Klaproth (1743-1817), presents 27 geographical charts recalling the history of the Asian continent from the 6th century BC till the 19th AC.
Klaproth was a German chemist and mineralogist, professor of chemistry at the artillery school and the university of Berlin, Klaproth had met Wilhelm von Humboldt, to whom the book is dedicated, in Dresden after the battle of Leipzig.
In 1816, Wilhelm von Humboldt gave to him, the title of professor of language and Asian literature at the university of Berlin, with a considerable treatment and the permission to remain in France. That made Klaproth possible to publish the majority of its work, with the expenses of king of Prussia. In 1823, he published its Asia polyglotta, or classification of the people of Asia according to the affinity of their languages, with full comparative vocabularies of all the Asian idioms.
This work, accompanied by an Atlas of the Languages, had been criticized by Wilhelm von Humboldt. This is why Klaproth dedicated his Tableaux historiques de l'Asie, depuis la monarchie de Cyrus jusqu'à nos jours to the Humboldt brothers.
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Condition : In very good condition. Some very minor water staining in the margins.

ID: 15748

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