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HEYDT,J.W. - Africa

HEYDT,J.W. - Africa
Africa - HEYDT,J.W.
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Title : Africa.
Map maker : HEYDT,J.W..
Date : Germany 1744.
Size : 8.9 x 10.3 inches. / 22.6 x 26.1 cm.
Colouring : Coloured.

Description :Uncommon and possibly scarce map of Africa. It appeared only in Heydt's Allerneuster geographisch- und topographischer Schau-Platzvon Africa und Ost-Indien, published in Germany in 1744 (Norwich). City of publication is unknown
Heydt was both the engraver and publisher. The map continues to follow the Ptolemaic view of the source of the White Nile with the two interior lakes. One of these lakes, the more westerly one, is also shown as the source of the Congo River.
This portrayal represents the European view that it was possible to navigate by river from the start of the Congo all the way to Egypt via the Nile. Heydt's map nicely dovetails with this viewpoint.
There are some odd omissions/errors: on the East African coast the Zambesi River estuary is shown but not the river. Further south there is an odd bulge by Coffala and in West Africathe Gambia, Senegal and Niger rivers are shown as meeting in the interior. Numerous locations and African nations are identified (Gold Kust (Gold Coast), Benin, etc.
This is an interesting and appealing map with rhumb lines in the ocaens. Many depictions of African animals in the interior as well as two inhabitants capturing an ostrich. Hes sea creatures, ships, and several "mermen". Ref: Norwich map #86. Not in Tooley).
Condition : Some offsetting of ink. Good margins. Close to very good condition.

ID: 22898

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