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BUNTING, H. - Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi.

BUNTING, H. - Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi.
Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi. - BUNTING, H.
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Title : Asia secunda pars terrae in forma Pegasi. .
Map maker : BUNTING, H..
Date : Magdeburg, ca. 1580.
Size : 9.8 x 13.8 inches. / 25.0 x 35.0 cm.
Colouring : Coloured.

Description :An exceptionally decorative woodcut of Asia in the form of a 'Pegasus'. In the oceans there are several sea monsters. Many major cities are indicated and named. Professionally repaired, especially thin areas reinforced. German text on verso.
Bünting's "Itinerarium Sacrae Scriptura" was mostly a theological commentary containing several maps of great curiosity.
The title of this map is "Asia Secunda Pars Terrae in Forma Pegasi" (’Asia, the Second Part of the Earth, in the Form of Pegasus‘). 'Pegausu', the winged horse of Greek mythology was son of Poseidon and Medusa.
He was tamed by Athena and became the horse of the Muses. Rather mysterious is the appearance of a obviously pagan symbol in a Holy Land travel book. On this map, Asia is adjusted to a horse-shape, whilst Pegasus is drawn realistically.

- Asia’s front legs, touching Africa with the knees, represents Arabia.

- Its head, licking Europe, is Asia Minor (present-day Turkey).

- The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run down its neck, on which is marked the area of Mesopotamia.

- Another river indicated, at the horse’s thigh, is the Ganges, with "India Infra Gangem" (‘India before the Ganges’) to the west and "India Extra Gangem" (‘India across the Ganges’).

- The horse’s behind is "India Orientalis" (’East India‘, which could be used for parts east of present-day India, e.g. Indonesia, formerly the Dutch East Indies).

- Both hind legs are inscribed with "India Meridionalis" (’South India’), which doesn’t at all reflect the single-peninsular nature of the Indian subcontinent. -

The wings are labeled Scythia and Tartaria, names often used to describe the vast unknown areas of Siberia.

- The body of water in between the wings and the horse’s body is the Caspian Sea.
More about cartographical curiosities. [+]
Hill p.39; Suarez Fig. 54; Tooley, MCC-1 # 3; Yeo #8.
Condition : Professionally repaired, parts of thin paper (which is rather normal in the maps of Bunting's Itinerarium, made of very thin paper) reinforced. Several, mostly marginal imperfections, else good. Parts in lower text missing and reinforced.

ID: 81125

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