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WALPOOLE, G. A. - (Frontispiece to Walpoole's New & Complete British Traveller.)

WALPOOLE, G. A. - (Frontispiece to Walpoole's New & Complete British Traveller.)
(Frontispiece to Walpoole's New & Complete British Traveller.) - WALPOOLE, G. A.
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Title : (Frontispiece to Walpoole's New & Complete British Traveller.).
Map maker : WALPOOLE, G. A..
Date : London, 1784.
Size : 12.7 x 7.8 inches. / 32.2 x 19.8 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :Interesting title page showing a globe and a map. Below with text: "This Superbly Elegant Frontispiece Represents Britannia (attended by Prudence, Justice, Temperance, & Fortitude) holding out an Olive Branch to the four Quarters of the World, who are pressing forward to receive it, while the God of the Seas pours out of a Cornucopia the Riches of the Globe at her Feet.
The Angel of Truth is represented as dictating to the Genius of our Work, an Account of the various subjects to be described in This New British Traveller; a Youth and a Lover of the fine Arts are hearkening with Attention to the Discourse. The three Young Cupids supporting & surveying a Map of Great Britain &c represent the Genius of England, Scotland & Ireland. Mercury is seen flying to announce the publication of Walpoole's New British Traveller while Fame sounds her Trumpet in Praise of this delightful & beneficial performance.
At a distance on a Hill is the Temple of British Worthies, in the back Ground is a View of the Cornish Mount, Naval Force, Agriculture, Sculpture, &c. The Arms of England, Scotland, & Ireland, withthe Ruins of Stone Henge, Antiquities, a Post Chaise allude to the extensive nature of This entire New Performance."

Drawn by Hamilton and engraved by Thornton, published by Alexander Hogg.
Condition : Very good dark print. Faint toning and staining - mainly to margins. Light wear to paper edges.

ID: 98128

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