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OSAKA MAINICHI SHIMBUN. - Katei kyōiku sekai isshū sugoroku.

OSAKA MAINICHI SHIMBUN. - Katei kyōiku sekai isshū sugoroku.
Katei kyōiku sekai isshū sugoroku. - OSAKA MAINICHI SHIMBUN.
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Title : Katei kyōiku sekai isshū sugoroku..
Date : Osaka, 1926.
Size : 42.5 x 30.5 inches. / 108.0 x 77.5 cm.
Colouring : Colour printed.

Description :The colourful board game about travelling around the world. Shows a very unusual projection of the world. Many nations flags create the border of the map.
The game starts with Japan and the winner would be the one, arriving to London and coming back to Japan first. Melbourne is selected as a stop over location, solely in Australia.
Two kangaroos are drawn on the map. A popular theme found in the game boards is voyages around the world.
Much like ukiyo-e art, sugoroku from the Meiji Period feature domestic travel scenes and landscapes of Japan as a common subject.
The addition of international travel games was both a continuation of that tradition and a new fascination engendered by the success of the Meiji Restoration and technological advancement.
These games reflect people’s interest in new transportation tools, Japan’s admiration of Western civilization, the nation’s aspiration to expand its colony and territory, and a growing awareness and (mis)understandings of a culturally and racially diverse global world.

Players need to rotate the game board 90 degrees clockwise to better discern a pictorial world map, which highlights animals, people, and famous scenery. The Rising Sun flags mark the Japanese explorations and marine/naval activities in many parts of the world.
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Condition : Some wear and tear along fold lines and minor splits.

ID: 97465

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$ 800
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