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DU VAL, P. - Le Canada faict par le St. De Champlain. . .

DU VAL, P. -  Le Canada faict par le St. De Champlain. . .
Le Canada faict par le St. De Champlain. . . - DU VAL, P.
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Title : Le Canada faict par le St. De Champlain. . ..
Map maker : DU VAL, P..
Date : Paris, 1677.
Size : 13.8 x 21.5 inches. / 35.0 x 54.6 cm.
Colouring : In original o/l colours.

Description :This is the sixth and final printed state of Champlainís 1616 plate of Canada issued by Pierre Du Val. The original 1616 Champlain map was never published, and only one example of the proof state is known, located at the John Carter Brown Library. According to Wroth, Du Val somehow came into possession of the Champlain plate, printed a proof state, then re-engraved the map, making improvements, in 1653. Largely based on his 1613 map, Champlain includes information from his explorations through to Georgian Bay and back to Lake Ontario. Chesapeake Bay has also been added, and the western portion would seem to be developed from verbal Indian accounts of large bodies of water stretching westward. Champlain emphasized the discoveries of Button and the possibility of a north-west passage in the south-west corner of Hudson Bay, and this concept, particularly, was to dominate his map of 1632.

The map includes indications of the increasing whaling and fishing activities in the Canadian Arctic and the inclusion of Prince Edward Island.

Du Valís additions to Champlainís map included significant new nomenclature, the representation of the English in New England and Virginia, a new coastline at the north-west labeled Nouveau Danemarq, the re-drawing of southern Greenland, and a new title cartouche. By the time this 1677 edition appeared, he had also added names such as Boston, Montreal, Quebec, Accadie and Manhattan, as well as an Arctic route marked 1665, and the site of Champlainís battle. The address in the primary cartouche has changed, and both the primary and secondary cartouches have been embellished with decorative motifs.
This is the sixth and final state of the map issued by Du Val, with Burden noting that ďall of these later issues are rare.Ē §
Burden, The Mapping of North America, 309. Maps of Canada, #79, pp. 73-78.
Condition : Paper slightly browned. In original out line colours. Good impression and printed on thick paper. Near to mint condition.

ID: 37675

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