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THEVENOT, M. - [No title] Hollandia Nova detecta 1644.

THEVENOT, M. -  [No title] Hollandia Nova detecta 1644.
[No title] Hollandia Nova detecta 1644. - THEVENOT, M.
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Title : [No title] Hollandia Nova detecta 1644..
Map maker : THEVENOT, M..
Date : Paris, 1664.
Size : 15.0 x 23.6 inches. / 38.0 x 60.0 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION of Thevenot's map of Australia which is the first published large-scale map of Australia and the first French map to record Tasman's 1642-42 and 1644 discoveries in both Australia and New Zealand.

Including detailed nomenclature of Tasman's voyages such as "Terre de Diemens decouverte le 24 Novembre", The west coast discoveries by Dirk Hartog in 1616, Houtman 1619, the Leewin's in 1622, Carstensz 1623, Gerrit de Witt 1628 and Pieter Nuyts voyage of 1627.
The only other map of Australia to precede Thevenot's map is the little known miniature map by Claes Visscher 'T'Landt van Eendracht' published in his 1649 'Tabularum Geographarum..' (known only in one copy).

Interestingly the map has some contemporary brown ink manuscript calculations below "TERRE AUSTRALE découverte l'an 1644" with calculations to the year 1809 (165 years after the discovery). The map is in very good to mint condition.

In 1664, the French geographer, Melchisédech Thévenot, published in "Relations de Divers Voyages Curieux" a map of New Holland. Thévenot divided the continent in two, between Nova Hollandia to the west and Terre Australe to the east. He divided the continent on a line at longitude 135º east, which appears to have been on his initiative, as there is no such division on Blaeu's map or on the Amsterdam Town Hall map, or on any other Dutch maps of this period in which Terra Australis or t'Zuid Landt ("the South Land") appears with the name, Hollandia Nova as an alternative name for the whole country.
The 135º meridian was the meridian that represented the western limit of Spain's imperial claim in the South Pacific arising from the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 and act of possession of the South Land made by Pedro Fernández de Quirós in 1606. This western limit of Spain's claim is shown on the 1761 map of the Spanish Empire by Vicente de Memije, Aspecto Symbolico del Mundo Hispanico, and played a part in the British claim and possession of the territory in the late 18th century.

Thevenot's map therefor holds a significant place in not only the charting of Tasman 's voyages, but also in the mapping of the Australian continent as a whole. It records a shape of Australia that would remain unchanged until the grand exploits of Captain Cook some one hundred and ten years later.

Simon Dewez has recorded six states of this map: and the first state lacks rhumb lines and the Tropic of Capricorn line, although it is named. It also records an error in the degrees of latitude. The engraver placed the number 4 where 5 should have been, resulting in all degrees higher than 4 being incorrect. This error was corrected in the third state.
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Condition : In very good condition. Left hand margin cut into plate mark, as usual. Blank verso. Binders strip still present.
Below TERRE AUSTRALE découverte l'an 1644, in brown manuscript some calculations to the year 1809.

ID: 36150

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