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ZURLA, P. - Carta da navegar de Nicolo et Antonio Zeni Furono in Tramontana Lano MCCCLXXX.

ZURLA, P. -  Carta da navegar de Nicolo et Antonio Zeni Furono in Tramontana Lano MCCCLXXX.
Carta da navegar de Nicolo et Antonio Zeni Furono in Tramontana Lano MCCCLXXX. - ZURLA, P.
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Title : Carta da navegar de Nicolo et Antonio Zeni Furono in Tramontana Lano MCCCLXXX..
Map maker : ZURLA, P..
Date : Venice, 1818.
Size : 11.0 x 14.4 inches. / 28.0 x 36.7 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :A early 19th century example of Nicolo Zeno's map of the North Atlantic, based upon the legend of a 14th Century Venetian Zeno family and their reported travels to the New World.
Taken from "Sulle antiche mappe idro-geografiche lavorate in Venezia. . .", by Placido Zurla (1769-1834), published in 1818. The map is orientated with south at the top. In the left hand the Northern part of America with "Terre Incognite d'Antropofagi" (Unknown land of cannibals), "Quiviria", "Sierra Nevada", "Grandes Corrientes", etc.

According to JCB Librairy : " The map was first published as a foldout illustration of a book with a lengthy title by Nicoló Zeno (1515-1565), a patrician from Venice, De i commentari del viaggio di M. Catarino Zeno il K. & delle guerre fatte nell’imperio Persiano dal tempo di Ussancassano in quà. Libri due. Et dello scoprimento dell’Isole Frislanda, Eslanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria fatto sotto il Polo Artico, da due fratelli Zeni, M. Nicolló il K e M. Antonio. Libro uno. Con un disegno particolare di tutte le dette parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte (Venice, 1558).
The book meant to assert the place of the Zeno family in the history of Venice, listing the public offices of its members over the centuries and relating Caterino Zeno’s ambassadorial post in Persia between 1471 and 1475.
Its bulk however was dedicated to the deeds of another ancestor and a namesake, Nicoló Zeno (d. ca 1395), a Marco Polo of the North. The young Nicolo’ had found in his family house letters that told the story of the old Nicoló, an expert navigator who, on his way to England and Flanders, shipwrecked near the Island of Frislanda. Saved by the local ruler, he was hired to command the fleet of Frislanda. Nicoló wrote a letter inviting his brother Antonio in Venice to join him in Frislandia.
Antonio came and the two brothers shared duties, honors and adventures there until four years later Nicoló died. Antonio stayed ten more years before returning to Venice but wrote regularly to a third brother, Carlo.
It is from these letters written over an extended period of time that the young Nicoló extracted his ancestors’ voyages to Engroneland (Greenland) and to distant islands to the west, Estotiland and Drogero.".
Condition : Wide margins. Very light water staining in lower and left margin. Very good.

ID: 35255

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