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SEVERAL MAKERS - An interesting lot of World War I propaganda including some cartoons with map topics.

SEVERAL MAKERS - An interesting lot of World War I propaganda including some cartoons with map topics.
An interesting lot of World War I propaganda including some cartoons with map topics. - SEVERAL MAKERS
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Title : An interesting lot of World War I propaganda including some cartoons with map topics..
Date : Japan, Germany, Austria, 1898 - 1914.
Size : 12.6 x 21.7 inches. / 32.0 x 55.0 cm.
Colouring : In printed colours.

Description :A group of War Maps & Propaganda items, including magazine titles, post cards, propaganda, etc.
1./ "Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914" by Lehmann-Dumont, Dresden. Printing and Publishing House: Leutert & Schneidewind, Art Institution, Dresden Sheet Size: 400 x 350 mm.

2./ French magazine "Le petit journal" on European Powers interference in China. Paris, 1898, Sheet Size: 450 x 310 mm. Complete magazine and article "The politic cake of China".

3./ Puck magazine satire on British – Russian „Big Game“ Central Asia (XIX century) New York, 1878, Sheet Size: 340 x 250 mm.

4./ Antik Charta. World map, Map Size: 325 x 555 mm. Germany, 1941. A silver print on paper. Photograph of a poster.

5./ Japanese prie- WWII propaganda booklet. Original Taisho period 1925 quality small size (koban) war time booklet poster print. This is a complete booklet, held together by a string binding and each print is separated by a protective sheet of rice paper. 19 pages. High technique print - offset separate color- excellent detail.
Zaigogunjin General Assembley comemmorative piece (Army Navy reserves chaired by Kanomiya ( member royal family).
Quality: Very decent condition -stains on the cover, some handling smudges, but all the sheets are present and nice condition. Size: 250 x 190mm. including border.

6./ Antisemitic Postcards: lot of 14 postcards from Germany, Austria and France, around 1900-1914.
Size: approx 140 x 90 mm (1 card 135 x 85 mm). All of them very well preserved.
Rare examples of anti-Semitic postcards, which spread in the German Empire. Many anti- Semitic stereotypes ( for a racist, economic, etc. figuration ) are here already laid out and in a text-image combination. (See also the catalog of the Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Berlin and Jewish Museum "Stamped Antisemitic Postcards. Based on the collection of Wolfgang Haney")

The following post cards are available :
6.1. Luna Park - First International Hunting Exhibition, Vienna , 1910. Official postcard. Printing and Publishing J. Weiner, Vienna. With colored figure by H. Kalmsteiner (visitors in a boat , including a young man with "Jewish " stereotypical physiognomy ). Post not run , franked with 5 Heller stamp.

6.2. The Zionist Congress Committee. The seven unlucky. Publishers' doodle-doo", Vienna . With caricature (7 ravens with "Jewish" looking portraits, including the text line, imitating the Yiddish jargon: "We hold our meeting from ausgeh'n How is it, who knows. "). Not postally used.

6.3. La Libre Parole . Carte Postale. M -T. M. M. Édouard Drumont. With coloured cartoon by B. Moloch (portrait of the anti-Semitic journalists Drumont in white apron, holding a pen with the inscription " La Libre Parole " [ title of his Hetzblatts ] and a fork in his left hand in his right, he has a spoon , which he sprinkled on a spit over the fire before him shackled Jews with oil). Not postally used.

6.4. The Munich City Hall Jew. Postcard. C. Andelfinger & Co., Munich. ( Photograph of a relief bust eiens Jews coffers , well then still located at the Munich town hall, with the tape " Money rules the world " ) . Postalsich not run .

6.5. Vienna's chosen folk song. Postcard. Publishers ' doodle-doo", Vienna. (Portraits of two Jews daruntergesetztem Spottvers ). Not postally used.

6.6. Greetings from Carlsbad. Ottmar puller, Munich. ( Coloured caricature of a Jew with Spottvers ). Post run (postmarked 1913; to an address in Paris).

6.7. Directer car Krakow Myslowitz. Publisher's address pasted over with stamp. (Coloured illustration of two Jews who look out of a railway compartment , including a map of the bird's eye view of the "Three Empire vertex b . Myslowitz, O.-S. " ) . Post run (postmarked by 6/25/1913, to an address in Stuttgart).

6.8. The Bavarian homeland. Postcard. C.A. & Co., M. No . 7 (An openwork page of the newspaper' The Bavarian homeland' , behind the portrait of the journalist Sigl, who eats several people, including a Spottvers "Dr. Sigl he is, Jew and Preuss 'he eats. " ). Post up (to an address in Munich).

6.9. Greetings from Borkum . Postcard. ( Depicting two scenes : a fraternity party in the ballroom, next to a Jewish student with a family, where the intake is denied to this, including a copy of the Borkum - song ) . Post run (postmarked by 8/12/1900 , to an address in food).

6.10. Greetings from Russian Poland. F. Preiss, O. Berlin , Weichselstrasse 20 ( Portrait of a "Russian Jew poln [n ] " next to the picture of a "Russian Polish [n ] louse ( bestia pisacca )"). Not postally used.

and 4 others.
More about War Maps & Propaganda [+]

Condition : Group of magazine pages, leaflet and post cards.

ID: 34184

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