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BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F. - Launa vulgo Laun Bohemiae civitas.

BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F. -  Launa vulgo Laun Bohemiae civitas.
Launa vulgo Laun Bohemiae civitas. - BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F.
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Title : Launa vulgo Laun Bohemiae civitas..
Map maker : BRAUN,G. / HOGENBERG, F..
Date : Cologne, 1617.
Size : 14.3 x 18.6 inches. / 36.2 x 47.3 cm.
Colouring : Coloured.

Description :RARE only included in part VI of his town book. Two town town-views on one page. In top a bird's-eye views of Louny and in lower part Slany in Bohemia by G. Hoefnagel.
With Latin text on verso, written by Braun : "The Taborites also appreciated the beautiful situation of this town, and therefore took it for themselves. In his 24th book Johannes Dubravius writes something that is on the one hand amusing, but on the other hand sad, namely that the Taborites believe that when the Day of Judgment comes, terrors await the wicked and the godless, and delights the pious, among which they count themselves. But not even the pious will be redeemed unless they live in one of the following five towns, namely Plzen, Louny, Lany, Klatovy and Zatec."

This view from the southeast from a slightly elevated viewpoint shows the well-fortified north Bohemian town situated close to the River Ohre (F). Louny is dominated by three large buildings: the gate tower on the right. the church of St Nicholas € with its 14th-century bell tower and late Gothic nave that was rebuilt by Benedict Ried from 1520 to 1538 after the town was destroyed by fire. and the town hall between these two buildings. Located at a junction of trade routes, Louny was first recorded in the 11th century. It became a stronghold of the Taborites, a radical wing of the Hussites, who sought to build the Kingdom of God by armed force.

SLANY : "Slany lies almost halfway between Louny and Prague and is a handsome and elegant town. Dubravius writes in his 2nd book that it got its name from sal, which means salt, in the following manner. … When peace reigned throughout the empire, the hope of a stroke of good fortune and a tolerable mode of life was fulfilled by the discovery of several salt veins, which are common in Bohemia but are not found in other countries, so that a large number of people soon settled here to boil and process the salt, and the town of Slany was built in a very short time."
The town is presented from the north from a slightly elevated position. It is dominated by the hill from which it takes its name, which can be seen on the left, and to the left of that church of the holy Trinity. The tower of the town hall stands out clearly in the middle.
Slany Hill was settled in Neolithic times, and the salt springs that were discovered here in the 8th century led to the foundation of the town around 1300. In the following centuries it was granted many privileges and developed into an important commercial center.

Condition : Left and right margin cut till neat line and margins reinstalled.

ID: 32650

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