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D'ANVILLE, J. - Graeciae Antiquae Specimen Geographicum.

D'ANVILLE, J. - Graeciae Antiquae Specimen Geographicum.
Graeciae Antiquae Specimen Geographicum. - D'ANVILLE, J.
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Title : Graeciae Antiquae Specimen Geographicum..
Map maker : D'ANVILLE, J..
Date : Paris, 1762.
Size : 20.3 x 19.3 inches. / 51.5 x 49.0 cm.
Colouring : Original O/L with cartouche & border color added

Description :Decorative map of Ancient Greece, with a large, decorative, Rococo, title cartouche. With an inset depicting northern Greece.
Jean Baptiste d'Anville (1697-1782) born in Paris was perhaps the most important and prolific cartographer of the 1700ís. D'Anville's love of cartography manifested itself at the tender age of fifteen, when he amused himself by composing maps for Latin authors. At twenty-two D'Anville was appointed Geographer to the King of France. As both a cartographer and a geographer, he instituted a reform in the general practice of cartography and greatly improved the standards of map making.
Unlike most cartographers, D'Anville did not rely totally on earlier maps to inform his work, but he based his maps on actual surveys and research that he conducted himself. His maps were thus some of the most accurate and comprehensive of his period. His maps of ancient geography, characterized by careful, accurate work and based largely on original research, are especially valuable. He left unknown areas of continents blank and noted doubtful information as such; compared to the lavish maps of his predecessors, his maps looked empty.
The work of D'Anville thus marks a critical point in the history of cartography and opens the way to the maps of English cartographers Cary, Thomson and Pinkerton in the early 19th century.
Condition : Paper with age toning. Two 1mm holes repaired.

ID: 92603

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