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HAYASHI SHIHEI - Chosen hachido no zu (or) Chosen koku zenzu (General map of korea)

HAYASHI SHIHEI - Chosen hachido no zu (or) Chosen koku zenzu (General map of korea)
Chosen hachido no zu (or) Chosen koku zenzu (General map of korea) - HAYASHI SHIHEI
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Title : Chosen hachido no zu (or) Chosen koku zenzu (General map of korea).
Date : Edo, Suharaya Shihei, in Temmei 5 or 1786.
Size : 28.5 x 19.7 inches. / 72.5 x 50.0 cm.
Colouring : Original colour.

Description :Bold, beautifully coloured road-map of Korea by the great Hayashi Shihei. Banned by the Edo government in 1792. A banned map !In 1785 Hayashi Shihei made the Sangoku Tsūran Zusetsu (Illustrated General Survey of the Three Countries). This work represents one of the earliest attempts to define Japan in terms of its outer boundaries. It represented a modern effort to distinguish Japan from the neighboring nations.
The book deals with Joseon Dynasty (Korea) and the Kingdom of Ryukyu (Okinawa), and Ezo (Hokkaido) and the Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands).
A copy of Sangoku Tsūran Zusetsu was brought to Europe by Isaac Titsingh (1745-1812). In Paris, the text represented the first appearance of Korean han'gŭl in Europe.
After Titsingh's death, the printed original and Titsingh's translation were purchased by Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat (1788-1832) at the Collège de France. After Rémusat's death, Julius Klaproth (1783-1835) at the Institut Royal in Paris was free to publish his edited version of Titsingh's work.
In 1832, the Oriental Translation Fund of Great Britain and Ireland supported the posthumous abridged publication of Titsingh's French translation.
The book became widely used in Europe as a guide to Northeast Asia.

Hayashi Shihei (August 6, 1738 - July 28, 1793) was a Japanese military scholar, political theorist and a retainer of the Sendai Domain. Years before Commodore Perry sailed into Japan in 1853, Shihei was pushing for Japan to adopt Western military science and the reeducation of the samurai. He was deeply concerned about the growing presence of Russia in East Asia and advocated the need to strengthen Japan's defenses, especially along its northern borders.
His book Sangoku Tsūran Zusetsu with five maps explain geography, history, culture, and current conditions and challenges of each region from the point of view of national security.
Hayashi compiled the work in l785, and published it the following year.
Hayashi’s opposition to the visits of foreign ships caused the Shōgunate in l792 to confiscate his work, destroy the wood blocks, and confine the author.
A copy of his book was taken to Siberia, translated into French, and published in Paris in 1832.
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Condition : Minor marginal worming, otherwise a particularly well preserved example of this map.

ID: 92042

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