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CAMDEN, / KIP, W. - Stonehenge.

CAMDEN, / KIP, W. - Stonehenge.
Stonehenge. - CAMDEN, / KIP, W.
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Title : Stonehenge..
Map maker : CAMDEN, / KIP, W..
Date : London, 1610.
Size : 12.6 x 8.7 inches. / 32.0 x 22.0 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :Stonehenge from 1610 edition of Camden’s Britannia. Attributed to William Kip One of the most important engravings in the 1610 edition is this splendid one of Stonehenge, found on page 252 in the Wiltshire (the Belge) chapter.
A gentleman in Elizabethan attire points towards the ruins, which appear less tumbled than the depiction on the frontispiece. The key gives us the dimensions and weights of the uprights and lintels of the great stones, as well as indicating a site where human remains were found.

The first ever image of Stonehenge appeared in the 1600 edition.
In preparing his great work William Camden (1551-1623) Clarenceux Knight at Arms (a senior Herald at the College of Arms) preferred to travel around the country researching the documents, artefacts and sites for himself rather than depend on received wisdom from earlier authorities. He described his aim as being to ‘restore antiquity to Britaine, and Britaine to its antiquity.’ English text verso... a description of the county of Wiltshire where Stonehenge is situated.

Stonehenge is located on the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire Southern England. It is a great mystery who built this massive stone circle. Theories include Druids, the Greeks, U.F.O.s and Atlanteans. Although the bigger mystery is why they built stonehenge. Some say it was a sacrificial altar or that it was an astronomy tool, back in the 18th century it was even proposed that stonehenge was used as a gallows.
What we do know about Stonehenge is that it is aligned to many astronomical events. One alignment is the sun on the summer solstice rising directly over the heel stone viewed from the Altar stone.
Stonehenge lies on the largest ley line in Britain. This ley line runs down the longest portion of Britain. Fourteen or so other ley lines meet at Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built in three parts over a period of 1000 years. The first part was just a mound, ditch and aubrey holes that were dug to make a circle.
The second was when timbers were erected systematically all inside the circle. The third was when the lentel stones were erected and the bluestones set up into the Stonehenge we see today.Some of the stones weigh 7 tons or more and it is believed they were transported from as far afield as Wales home of the Druids.
Condition : Good condition on thin paper as with all Camden's Britannia sheets. Full Sheet with wide margins.

ID: 91941

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