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NAGAKUBO SEKISUI - Tensho kanki sho.

NAGAKUBO SEKISUI - Tensho kanki sho.
Tensho kanki sho. - NAGAKUBO SEKISUI
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Title : Tensho kanki sho..
Date : Edo, (Anei 3), 1774.
Size : 4.3 x 6.2 inches. / 10.9 x 15.7 cm.
Colouring : Original colours.

Description :Japanese rotating star map. Diameter of the rotatable star map 109mm. Horizon circle 77mm. 24pp.
"Tensho kanki sho", which means "Brief explanation of astronomical phenomena", is a small pamphlet by Nagakubo Sekisui(1717~1801), one of the most famous Japanese geographer and cartographer, active in Edo Era Mito. This contains a rare rotating star map or volvelle with the Chinese constellations. This is the earliest pocketable planisphere in Japan or might be in the world.
The star map is centered on the North Pole fastened with a thread, and the equator (concentric black circle), ecliptic (eccentric yellow circle) and the twenty-eight lunar lodges are also depicted.
The Milky Way is white on a blue background, the stars are colored with black, white and red circles. Covering the map is a page with a circular window, the edge of which represents the horizon.
The text in Japanese describes why celestial chart boards were made and how to use them. This is the first edition and later reproduction was called as "Tenmon seisho zukai".
More reading.

KAZUHIKO MIYAJIMA,Japanese Celestial Cartography before the Meiji Period, THE HISTORY OF CARTOGRAPHY, VOL.2,Book2:Chapt.14, pp.593-4 THE UNIV. OF CHICAGO PRESS, 1994
Condition : In good condition. Original paper cover; title paper is partially lacking and broken margin or corner of the last two pages are skillfully repaired. Old signature in Chinese characters "Ebihara Shosuke" written with a brush twice; a few inscriptions in red.

ID: 91928

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