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SCHEDEL, H. - Tercia Etas Mundi. Folium.XLI

SCHEDEL, H. -  Tercia Etas Mundi. Folium.XLI
Tercia Etas Mundi. Folium.XLI - SCHEDEL, H.
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Title : Tercia Etas Mundi. Folium.XLI.
Map maker : SCHEDEL, H..
Date : Nuremberg, 12 July 1493.
Size : 17.2 x 12.0 inches. / 43.8 x 30.5 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :The Latin text page is illustrated with a depiction of Ulysses and Circe in the lower left corner (120x170mm.)
VERSO : An impressive engraving of Samuel and other kings, prophets and judges. Sampson is seen top right holding, presumably, the broken gates of the temple he has pulled down. Samuel is shown with his mother Hannah (Anna).
Page from the richest illustrated Incunable, the famous: Nuremberg Chronicle, published the year that Columbus returned to Europe after discovering America. In May of 1493 appeared in the Latin language one of the earliest voluminous books, fully illustrated with 1809 woodcuts printed from 645 woodblocks.
The woodblock cutters were Michael Wolgemut, the well-known teacher of Albrecht Dürer, and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff. Wohlgemut was Albrecht Dürer's tutor between 1486-90 and recent scholarship has shown, Albrecht Dürer may also have collaborated, since some of the cuts bear a remarkably close resemblance to the Apocalypse illustrations.
The printing was carried out under the supervision of the great scholar-printer Anton Koberger, whose printing were famous throughout Europe
A opportunity to acquire a 15th-century book illustration by named artists.!

the translation of what is written besides the picture: "When Ulysses[Ulixes] (as Augustinus and Boecius write) returned from the Trojan War he travelled ten years over the sea and finally came to Italy next to Sicily to an island, there lived Circe, the black sorceress, a very beautiful woman, who was called the daughter of the sun. She made by her skill and sorcery a drink by which - according to her intention - all who drank from it were transformed from human nature into beastlike shape. Now she handed this drink to the companions of Ulysses and turned so one of them into a wild pig, this into a lion, the other into a stag.
But Mercurius has given Ulysses a flower which served against such skill and sorcery. And because she couldn't do harm to him he compelled her with his bare sword to bring his companions to their former shape. Solinus writes: This Ulysses has built the city of Olissipo [Lisbon] in Spain and called after him." old map
Condition : Letter press with wood block prints. Size of the sheet : 438x305mm. Dark impression on large sheet. A few marginal worm traces filled in. Good condition.

ID: 30386

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