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CORONELLI, V.M. - Globe gore [ Het Niew Hollandt..] (New Holland)

CORONELLI, V.M. -  Globe gore [ Het Niew Hollandt..] (New Holland)
Globe gore [ Het Niew Hollandt..] (New Holland) - CORONELLI, V.M.
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Title : Globe gore [ Het Niew Hollandt..] (New Holland).
Map maker : CORONELLI, V.M..
Date : Venice, 1696.
Size : 9.1 x 11.4 inches. / 23.0 x 29.0 cm.
Colouring : Uncoloured.

Description :A globe gore including the Spice Islands, Papua New Guinea and the North Coast of Australia and an explanatory of "Lochac". Italian text below the map which is headed "Nuova Guinea". Published in Coronelli's Isolario.
Australia is filled with elephants and deer.

The charting of Australia and New Zealand incorporates the Dutch discoveries up to and including Tasman's first and second voyages in 1642-43 and 1644. The ones indicated on the gores include Hartog's 1616 Concordia discoveries in the Eendracht (incorrectly noted as 'scoperta l'anno 1618') and de Witt's 1628 discoveries on the northwest coast. Reference is also made to the discoveries by van Colster in the Arnhem and Carstensz in the Pera in 1623. After landing on Cape York Peninsula, Carstensz and van Colster chose two separate routes on their return to Europe. Carstensz in the Pera sailed north along Cape York Peninsula, while van Colster took a westerly track home, which led him to discover part of Arnhem Land. (text simon hunter)

The remarkable Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), encyclopaedist, geographer, inventor and Doctor of Theology, was citizen of the Republic of Venice. He was also one of the most prominent mapmakers and publishers in Europe of his day.

More about Coronelli. [+]

Vincenzo Coronelli referred here to the uncertainty regarding the location of Marco Polo’s Java Minor, noting that while in the opinion of some it could be identified with Sumatra, others believed it to be Sumbawa or New Holland.
His inscription reads: “Various are the opinions of the Geographers concerning the location of Giava minore, some placing it under the Tropic of Capricorn, in accordance with what Marco Polo wrote in bk.3, cap.13. Others believe it to be Sumatra from the distance which the same Polo assigned to it, others take it for the Island of Sumbawa, and some others, more modern, for New Holland. We, from so much variety of opinion, do not offer a final conclusion on the matter, leaving the dispute undecided.
In accordance with the uncorrected editions of Marco Polo’s travels, on his 1688 Terrestrial Globe Coronelli inscribed over the northern part of Nuova Hollandia: “Some believe that in this place M. Polo discovered the Land of Lochac, and that 500 miles further on is found the Island of Pentan, and the Kingdom of Malaiur.
As a result of this mis-placement southwards of the lands and islands described by Marco Polo, Coronelli and others confused Java Minor, Polo's name for Sumatra, with New Holland (Australia). This confusion was greater on the earlier Dieppe maps of the 1540s where Java Minor and Java Major (Jave la Grande) were transposed, apparently in accordance with Marco Polo's statement that Java Major was "the greatest island in the world".

Lochac (or Locach) was Marco Polo’s rendition of the Chinese (Cantonese) Lo-huk, which was how they referred to the southern Thai kingdom of Louvo (from Sanskrit Lavo, the present Lopburi “city of Lavo”, after Lavo, in Hindu mythology the son of Rama: Lavo in Thai is spelled Lab, pronounced Lop’h, hence the name Lop’habur?, or Lop’ha-pur? (Lopburi)). Louvo was united with Siam in 1350.
Beach, as a mistranscription of Locach, originated with the 1532 editions of the Novus Orbis Regionum by Simon Grynaeus and Johann Huttich, in which Marco Polo’s Locach was changed to Boeach, which was later shortened to Beach.
Pentan is the island of Bintan, and Malaiur was the old Tamil name for the Sumatran city of Jambi (and is the origin of the national name Malay). (Wikipedia)
Tooley p 49, no 352.
Condition : Good and dark impression. Copper engraving with letter press in Italian. Paper size : 52x37cm.

ID: 31208

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