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BOOK OF HOURS - Miniature of Job on the dung-hill.

BOOK OF HOURS -  Miniature of Job on the dung-hill.
Miniature of Job on the dung-hill. - BOOK OF HOURS
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Title : Miniature of Job on the dung-hill..
Map maker : BOOK OF HOURS.
Date : Northern France, ca. 1490.
Size : 6.7 x 4.3 inches. / 17.0 x 11.0 cm.
Colouring : In original colours.

Description :Arch topped 3/4 page miniature on vellum of Job in the dung-heap. Job, naked, but seemingly in good health in a heap of straw. Before him one of his richly dressed friends, who is visting him.
According the banderole his friend is advising him that if he doesn't listen to his advice "Qui non vult uti consilio" he can not reckon on his friends help and protection "nec potest frui subsidio".
On his banderole Job answers him that he only relies on God's help "Auxilium dei inquiro tantum" and that he rejects his friend's advice "et tuum recuso".
The painting is well done (maybe a follower of Jacques de Besancon, active 1480-1500)with refined brushstrokes. A city (Jerusalem) in the background.The painting done with heightening of brushed gold.
2-sided full illuminated borders of branches and multi-coloured acanthus leaves. 4 lines of text underneath the miniature, preceding the vigil of death.
Verso starts with the 7 th reading of matins of vigil of death.
The miniature of Job came into fashion in the late 15t. century and is typical for northern France.

Condition : On vellum. Very good condition.

ID: 27399

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The auction is closed.
Item is sold for
$ 1,600
Approx. Euro 1,376  

Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Book of Hours.
France, 1500-1520

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