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BOOK OF HOURS - Leaf on vellum from a French manuscript Book of Hours.

BOOK OF HOURS - Leaf on vellum from a French manuscript Book of Hours.
Leaf on vellum from a French manuscript Book of Hours. - BOOK OF HOURS
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Title : Leaf on vellum from a French manuscript Book of Hours..
Map maker : BOOK OF HOURS.
Date : France, ca. 1450.
Size : 10.2 x 7.1 inches. / 26.0 x 18.0 cm.
Colouring : Original colours.

Description :A very high quality, large vellum leaf from a French Book of Hours [ Paris?] around 1480. The parchment is thin and creamy white with many decorations: a staff in gold, blue and red alongside the text, a panel of flowers and leaves in red, blue, green and gold. When you keep the leaf against the light you will see that the decorations are almost exactly each other's mirror image! All the initials with gold leaf, the "C" on the verso is very nicely executed!, and many line fillers. At the top of the recto we find the number of the leaf: xxviij = 28. The text is from the Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Matins, the psalms 96 and 97. Translation :[DOMINVS Regnauit exul]tet terra: laetentur insulae multae. Nvbes & calligo in circuitur eius, i u-stitia et iudicium correctio sedis eius.
Ignis ante ipsum praecedet: et inflammabit in circuitu inimicos eius. Illuxerunt fulgura eius orbi terrae: vidit et commota est terra. Montes sicut cera fluxerunt a facie domini: a facie domini omnis terra. Annuntiauerunt coeli iustitiam eius et viderunt omnes populi gloriam e-ius. Confundantur omnes qui a-dorant sculptilia: et qui gloriantur in simulachris suis. Adorate eum omnes angeli eius: audiuit et laetata est sion. Et exultauerunt filiae iudae: propter iudicia tua domine. Qvoniam tu dominus altissimus super omnem terram: nimis exaltatus es super omnes deos. Qvi diligitis dominum odite malum custodit dominus animas sanctorum su-orum: de manu peccatoris liberabit eos. Lvx orta est iusto: et rectis corde lae-itia. Laetamini iusti in domino: et confitemini memoriae sanctificationis e-ius. Gloria patri et filio et s. ps. CANTATE Domino canticum no-uum: quia mirabilia fecit.
image verso

Condition : In good condition.

ID: 80578

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