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HOMANN,J.B. - Virginia Marylandia et Carolina..

HOMANN,J.B. - Virginia Marylandia et Carolina..
Virginia Marylandia et Carolina.. - HOMANN,J.B.
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Title : Virginia Marylandia et Carolina...
Map maker : HOMANN,J.B..
Date : Augsburg, 1740.
Size : 19.1 x 22.7 inches. / 48.5 x 57.7 cm.
Colouring : Original colours.

Description :An attractive and detailed map, covering the coastline from Long Island in the north to just south of Cape Feare in Carolina, with the large fictitious Apalache Lacus in Florida.
It is noted for its particularly large cartouche which assembles imagery intended to display the attractions of the New World. The map was intended to promote German emigration to America.
Germantown Teutsche Statt is placed at the headwaters of the Rappahanock. A number of early counties shown in the Carolinas. Nice detail in the interior of Virginia and Maryland for the period. New Jersey is divided into East and West New Jersey. The region in the west is Florida, extending to Lake Erie.
Shows Indian Tribes and Place names, rivers, bays, coastal soundings, early settlements and other details.
Embellished by one of the most decorative cartouches to appear on a map of the region, showing figures from regional history and local trade with the English. The Atlantic is Mare Virgini [or] Sea of Virginy.

Condition : Nice an dark print, in very good condition.

ID: 90803

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