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BIBLE LEAF - Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Bible.

BIBLE LEAF - Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Bible.
Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Bible. - BIBLE LEAF
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Title : Leaf on vellum from a manuscript Bible..
Map maker : BIBLE LEAF.
Date : Paris, ca. 1250.
Size : 7.1 x 4.9 inches. / 18.0 x 12.5 cm.
Colouring : In original colours.

Description :A small vellum leaf from a Bible, written in Paris, around 1250! The text, in a very regular hand!, is in two columns, 46 lines, with 1 initial with penwork in red and blue. The name of the book is in red and blue letters at the top of the page. [ NU M(ER)I ]. The number of the chapter [XVI] is in red and blue as well. To give you an idea of the writing here is the transcription of some lines of the recto, beginning with chapter 16: Ecce autem Core filius Isaar filii Caath filii Levi et Dathan atque Abiram filii Heliab Hon quoque filius Pheleth de filiis Ruben 2 surrexerunt contra Mosen aliique filiorum Israhel ducenti quinquaginta viri proceres synagogae et qui tempore concilii per nomina vocabantur 3 cumque stetissent adversum Mosen et Aaron dixerunt sufficiat vobis quia omnis multitudo sanctorum est et in ipsis est Dominus cur elevamini super populum Domini 4 quod cum audisset Moses cecidit pronus in faciem 5 locutusque ad Core et ad omnem multitudinem mane inquit notum faciet Dominus qui ad se pertineant et sanctos adplicabit sibi et quos elegerit adpropinquabunt ei.

Condition : In good condition.

ID: 80498

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