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Historic maps of Amenia

Armenia as a cultural and political entity has existed for over 3000 years. Buffeted for the last 1000 years between Russians, Turks, Persians and the various peoples of the Caucasus, Armenians have survived the looming presence of much more powerful neighbours.

The existence of the country has been recorded by mapmakers since the beginnings of cartography - including the various configurations of borders of the Armenian homeland which have shifted back and forth with the political fortunes of the peoples.
This page brings together some of the most important maps of Armenia, currently available in our stock.
Including authentic maps by some of the greatest mapmakers, including Waltseemüller, Mercator, Ortelius, De Wit, Sanson. The cartographic treasures in this book include maps from the most important collections in Europe and America.

We offer the following western antique maps including a representation of Taiwan :

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