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Instructions for CSV files

installing our Map and Client database.


If you have an posibility to create an CSV file or excel file we can easily include your descriptions in our next auction.
If you have not ready a database for map and client management on your PC and you have Microsoft Office installed; you might considering installing our Map and Client database.


1./ Create an account with us and notify us by email.

2./ Your CSV file should contain the following fields in the order as displayed. Please separate the fields with | and do not use "



Lot Number Let this open, we will assign the lotnumber during editing of your file.


Username Your Username


Title The title as found on the item, usually we only start with a Capital. (If the title on the map reads "TYPUS ORBIS..." we type Typus Orbis... 


Publisher As a general rule in Capitals and initials at the end, sample : BLAEU,W. or WIT,F.DE


Place and date The date should always end in 4 numbers (ie.: 1860) do not say "early 18th century", but say "1720-1740"; as the year is used to chronologically list the items in it's category.  Sample :  Amsterdam, 1645


Description A description of the item.

Formatting your text

If you want to show your descriptions in bold, italic or in paragraphs you need to "html hardcode" them directly.

Use <br> for "new line"

Use <i>italic</i> for a word in italic.

Use <b>bold</b> for a word in bold.


Shop Price Leave this empty


bottom_price Typically 30% under the reserve price. (The price at which we are starting to accept bids.)

The currency is US $. Do not use cents in the above fields. If you want to enter $4,500.00 just enter 4500


Reserve Price The minimum price at which you want to sell the item.


low_estimate 120% of the reserve price


high_estimate 140% of the reserve price


Quantity Put here   1


Width in mm. sample 455


Height in mm. sample 400


Colouring Select one of the options. "Original colour" means that the item was coloured at time of publication. If colours are recently added choose for "coloured". "Original o/l. colour" when the map has only out-line colour, typically of the borders.


Condition Include here all faults like tears, splits, cropped margins, stains, restorations. Faults close to the plate mark need also to be mentioned. Be advised that the seller has the right to return an item if the condition is not complete.


HiBCoR : Historical significance Historical significance Beauty Condition Rarity
The HiBCoR grading system can help the starting collector to set his focus. In a nutshell, four key items determine a map's value: historical importance, beauty, condition and rarity.
We realize that such a grading system is subjective and to some extent vary between the types of maps graded. ( Read more )
Select a value for each of the following sections : Historical significance, Beauty, Condition, and Rarity.

Historical significance ; put here a number from 1 -6:
1 Key map.
2 Very important.
3 Important.
4 Direct derived.
5 50 years after first publication.
6 More than 100 years after first publication.


HiBCoR : Beauty Beauty ; put her a number from 1 -6:
1 Very decorative.
2 Decorative.
3 General.
4 Not so decorative.
5 Dull.
6 Not artistic at all.


HiBCoR : Condition rating Condition Rating ; put here a number from 1 -6:
1 Mint condition, and item should be in original colours.
2 Mint but in recent colours.
3 Very good.
4 Good. (by default)
5 Fair.
6 Need restoration, Poor.


HiBCoR : Rarity Rarity ; put here a number from 1 -6:
1 An exceptionally rare and important map. Only a few examples known and these are usually in institutional libraries.
2 Very rare. Only several examples known in private and public collections. Hardly available in the open market.
3 Rare. A map which is rarely offered by dealers or obtained at auction.
4 Scarce. A map which is very infrequently available in the open market.
5 Uncommon. A map which is infrequently available in the open market
6 Common. Freely available in the open market.


Reference List a reference book in which the item is mentioned.


PHP_category The region / subject where the item belongs.


Random Image Put here  N


Availability Put here  A


Your reference If you have a intern reference #, put it here, will not be shown on site.


Click here to see a sample of the CSV file

IMAGES : We need images at a minimum of 2000 pixels wide. We DO NOT ACCEPT images smaller than this, as a result the item will be suspended from the auction.


Second image

In order having a second image displayed, name your picture the lotnumber followed by an A 

Use the following coding at the end in your item description field . If your lot number is 12345 than the second image is called  12345A  use the following coding in your description field.

<BR><a href=map_zoom.htm?zoomifyImagePath=>
<IMG SRC="" BORDER="0" width="80" align="left" /></A>



FTP your CSV file and your images in to our server at least 7 days before start of next auction. 

Put the file and images in your own folder. 


Go to your FTP folder at "" and login with username and the password we have supplied you by email.

Than open the folder displaying your Username, which is the same as used for the site.
It is important you open YOUR folder. Use this folder also for future upload of pictures, do not put pictures or files in the root-folders!

Several good and free FTP programs do exist. You may try : 

Smart FTP  

FilleZilla for FireFox.



Please contact us if you have questions




We charge a 12% commission on the hammer price for sold items if you submit your items in a csv-file and you upload images directly on the server.

Extra costs aply if we need to do extensive image or text corrections.

The minimum fee for a sold item is $ 15. 

If an item does not sell there are no costs involved.


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Author: Paulus Swaen 2017