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Result $ 22,000 - SALIBA, A Veritable Representation Haarlem, 1650 - 1700).
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L'Africa divisa nelle sue Parti Secondo le piu moderne, relationis...
Venice, 1690

A Description of The South Sea & Coasts of America Containing ye whole Navigation and all those places at which Capt. Sharp and his Companions were in the years 1680 &1681
London, 1684
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$ 1,440

Il Monferrato. . .
Venice, ca. 1696

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Antwerp, 1612

[ South East Asia. ]
Nuremberg, 1602

la Nouvelle France
Paris, 143

Veritable Representation
Haarlem, 1650 - 1700

Amsterdam, 1725

Large selection

Cities of London...
London, 1751

Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei
Munich, 1700

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