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Paulus Swaen old Map auction and galleries

Antique Map, old print and Medieval manuscript Auction
now open for bidding.
The closing is on April 24, 6.00 PM EST Daylight saving timehelp

closing time : Los Angeles - 3.00 PM, Tuesday, April 24
London - 23.00 Tuesday. Amsterdam - 24.00 Tuesday.
Moscow, 1.00 AM, Wednesday, April 25 - Tokyo - 7.00 AM, Wednesday. Sydney - 8.00 AM, Wednesday.

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Some of the most interesting items are " La Nuova Olanda e La Nuova Guinea delineate sulle ultima osservazioni.." by Giovanni Maria CASSINI - A fine map of Australia in a first edition and in original colours. From the same series the map of New Zealand. More maps by Cassini here.
A banned work : - Sangoku Tsuran Zusetsu by Hayashi Shihei, published in 1786, representing one of the earliest attempts to define Japan in terms of its outer boundaries.
The most controversial map in the book is the map Sangoku tsuran yochi rotei zenzu, significant because it includes the disputed Dokdo Islands..
A map of Poland by Frederik de Wit lavishly coloured and heightened with gold by the master colourist Dirk Jansz. van Santen. Maps by Giovanni Maria Cassini, Giovanni Antonio Magini and manuscript atlases by A. Flint.

Fine selections of Pictorial Maps and propaganda posters with Mao.
The decorative print section including 2 lots showing wall columns in the Loggie Vatican Palace as designed and painted by Raphael and a group of 51 gouaches by R. Pichon in Art Deco style depicting Elegant women and scenes in exquisite gardens in Japanese style.
Paris in the Belle Époque was a period in the history of the city between the years 1871 to 1914, we offer a fine range of lithographs from the series "Les Maitres de L'affiche"
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We hope you will find some interesting maps in this auction and enjoy reading the short articles we provide of items in our auction.

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Paulus Swaen Internet Auction is the first internet auction specializing in old maps, Medieval manuscripts and prints. It is a unique place for buying and selling old maps, atlases, books, and medieval manuscripts.
We have been in the map business for 36 years! [+more]

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Items in April auction
Not to be Missed !!!

Verthoninghe van de Zee Custen van Bretaignen.
Antwerp, 1598

A gigantic Antiphoner in massive contemporary binding.
Spain, ca. 1650

Typus Orbis Terrarum.
Antwerp, 1598

LEMERCIER, François.
Plans des forts faicts par le régiment Carignan Salières...
Paris, 1666

Ducatus Prussiae tam Polono Regiae. . .
Paris, 1643
Lavishly coloured and heightened with gold by the master colourist Dirk Jansz. van Santen.

Ducatus Prussiae tam Polono Regiae. . ..
Amsterdam, 1698

Four Astronomical Diagrams (manuscript atlas).
ca 1800

A chart of Canton to Canzhou Island, and Hong Kong.
London, 1847

Mao. "The great leader..."
Beijing, 1976
Among other propaganda posters

Near East - Far East.
Paris, 1976

Tabula Europae VIII.
Amsterdam, 1617
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