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Paulus Swaen old Map auction and galleries

Antique Map, old print and Medieval manuscript Auction
now open for bidding.
The closing is on February, 19th, 6.00 PM EST help

closing time : Los Angeles - 3.00 PM, Tuesday, February 19
London - 23.00 Tuesday. Amsterdam - 24.00 Tuesday.
Moscow, 2.00 AM, Wednesday, February 20 - Tokyo - 8.00 AM, Wednesday. Sydney - 10.00 AM, Wednesday.

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NOTE : Our sellers have now reviewed the under reserve bids and are no longer able to reduce their reserves.
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Unsold items are no longer available after the auction closing.

MORTIER, J.& C. - l A Map of the British Empire in AMERICA with the French, Spanish and Hollandish Settlements Adjacent Thereto. by Henry Popple... the rare FIRST state of the edition published by Covens and Mortier in Amsterdam, circa 1737. DE BRY, Th. Floridae Americae Provinciae recens & exactissima descriptio . . ., Frankfurt, 1591. A superb map of the Eastern Seaboard from Cape Lookout to Florida, with Cuba and the Bahamas, A black and white map in an early and strong impression is a rarity now-a-days with so many being recently coloured up !
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A group of rare 17th century maps with figured borders, maps published by Johann Walch a cartographer and map publisher active in Augsburg. Several maps by J. DE LAET after H. GERITSZ, Leiden, 1630.
An interesting group of Chinese propaganda posters.
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We hope you will find some interesting maps in this auction and enjoy reading the short articles we provide of items in our auction.

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H!BCoR*** All our items are graded conform the HiBCoR grading system; giving more quick inside information on Historical Importance, Beauty, Condition and Rarity.
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HiBCoR grades a map in a scale of 1 to 10. This valuation is based by the combination of Historical significance, Beauty, Condition and Rarity. As a result an extremely rare map in poor condition still grades higher than a common map in very good condition.
The grading is also reflected in the price, and a map in fine original colors grades higher than one in modern colors and valuates double in price !
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Items in February auction
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frontispiece with globes
Augsburg, 1666

A Beschrijvinge van een Deel vann Schottlandt...
Amsterdam, 1600

America nova descriptio...
Amsterdam, 1614

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica...
Amsterdam, 1641

A Map of the British Empire in America
Amsterdam, 1737

Augsburg, 1820
Among other regions.

Carriers of the New Black Plague.
Chicago, 1938

Chinese propaganda poster.
China, 1975
Among other posters.

Alexandri Magni Macedonis Expeditio
Antwerp, 1603
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